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October 25th, 2008
Random rants coming up. Also some manga/animu/novel stuff.

Remember this? Regarding my suspicions on the reasons why Ami likes to tease Ryuuji so much, often in direct view of Taiga and the others… MYTH BUSTED. Oops…

My suspicions were way off than what I have been revealed to. Even so, I do not mind, because my goal wasn’t to predict (and/or wish) for a RyuujiAmi ending in any media Toradora! might be, let it be the novels, manga, or anime.

All I wanted to know was Ami’s feelings towards Ryuuji. How is it like? Just a bit? Or maybe passable as “like” already? Or reverse? That’s all. One thing’s for sure is that she can’t just use him as her personal toy forever, that is. Okay end of blah blah blah mode.

So basically this morning was another normal Sunday morning with an atmosphere so quiet it’s hard to tell that the day has started. And yet I’m one of these few individuals spending time outdoors awake… or rather, I was awake since last night… hoping to finish some downloads but was later turned down by them because they have no subs. Shit. And so this is one of the stuff you could define as “Shit happens.”

I want to sleep yet I don’t feel like it. I wanted to do so much stuff yet this freakin’ internet speed here sucks so bad I just couldn’t stand up for a bit in anxiety. And here I just realized some things I would want to turn to reality.

* Live alone in a decent house, bet it an affordable renthouse or a good make of a house, much like how you would see Taiga’s apartment; although I’ll strive to make mine more organized. Let it has an atmosphere of emptiness or maybe… a bit lonely, but that’s a solitude in a way.
* Work my asses off on my own couch, behind the desktop. Self-employed or either a work that allows me to just stay at home, with a decent pay I could buy practically what I would usually buy, but that means my job has to make me… filthy rich somewhat. Or at least close to buy every necessity as well as spending some of them for my own wants. Or in other words… always have money for anything (and everything) at all times.
* Enough furniture to make the insides of a house REALLY look like a house and not just some temporarily-occupied home in which you move in and have a mess with your bags.
* Do my own cookery whenever I am not eating out, and also perform all other housework well. Right now cooking is the only thing I am not very good at. Oh, and I got to stock up on multi-repairing skills, too.
* A car to travel around whenever I want or need to. Be it a cheap one or a Lambo (too wishful thinking here), or whatever passable as cheap or luxury as long as I can drive.
* And of course, a neat, powerful PC for around 97% things I want to do with it (games + CG + everything someone could do with a PC)
* Have constant fast broadband Internet connection so, when combined with everything of the above and whenever I leave my PC for a while for some business I’ll feel more secure because: the Internet is always on and I’m a one-man tenant in my own house (or renthouse) so I don’t have to worry about getting someone in my way when I’m doing something with the PC.

And as we snap back into reality, we wonder why do we live in a cruel realm which, even if you don’t mean any trouble they will create one for you. And I feel bad for the exile of 2 kittens (which I did myself, albeit in the most “impolite” way possible) which suddenly entered my room as I was trying to take my sweaters to withstand the cold night before the sunrise.

… And suddenly System of a Down’s songs are turning into a lullaby here, luring me to sleep. WHAT!?
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October 9th, 2008
I promised myself some review stuff in my own blog and here I go as another stuff I promised myself.

So I picked up lots of new series and, much to my rejoice, there’s much to enjoy since Summer 2008 which only got me following up 2 series (at first it was 3 with Sekirei included but later I dropped it before I discovered the might of my main campus’s own Internet. Still, I left it dropped). And here’s my piece of mind for these series:

Toradora!: They stayed true to the novels (sorry earlier that was a mistake), however it seems that they’re rushing it a bit. Art style isn’t so satisfactory but isn’t a pain in the eyes to see. And Kugimiya Rie as Taiga complements Rie’s Round Table of Loli-ish Tsundere which is now occupied by the likes of Nagi (Hayate no Gotoku), Shana (Shakugan no Shana) and Louise (Zero no Tsukaima) and such, although this time Taiga is actually more towards of a dojikko (clumsy girl) than a tsundere.

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka: With loads of famous VA I don’t know what the studio is thinking. However it managed to please me nevertheless; or is it that I’m such a sucker for a visual-novel-into-anime adaptations, moreover a harem one at that? And again, Rie is our star playing Yuuhi Katagiri, a yet another tsundere although she turned into one quite late in the first episode unlike the others who’re already a natural tsundere. :P

Kannagi: Awesome Nagi is awesome. At first I simply put my lowest expectations for the anime, but seeing the first episode I think I got to slap myself for not acknowledging how good it was. Long live Nagi-sama! Oh, by the way Nagi’s starred by Haruka Tomatsu, who sings the OP and ED as well as (formerly) Lala’s voice in To-LOVE-Ru.

Shikabane Hime Aka: I was actually looking for some “psychological chemistry of boy and girl” (romance of course) between the two main characters, and although hopes were faint I don’t blame the story for it’s main themes were supposed to be what it is meant to be: you see a zombie girl being “killed” first before she gets back from the dead killing her “murderers” with a dual machine gun. Wait, what? DUAL MACHINE GUNS? Oh yeah, dual MAC-11 for the win.

To Aru Majutsu no Index: Again another underestimation from me. First episode was awesome, and man I can’t have Komoe-sensei, Index and Misaka out of my heads. Especially Komoe-sensei. Argh, her cuteness and the whole anime itself killed my will to drop the series :P

Yozakura Quartet: Plus this, I think I may have misunderestimated the coming of this season’s titles a bit too much. I usually pass over the OP since I don’t like waiting for the OP to end, however, the BGM used for this anime is… I LOVE GUITARS ROCKIN’ ‘EM HARD, PERIOD. And this is what held this anime special to me. I don’t quite favor the art style for both the anime and manga (possibly another reason I stayed away from this series at first, apart from the title which makes this anime sound as if it’s about a group of four playing violin/cello/etc together in an orchestra band) but later everything I looked as bad vanished when I evaluated my overall first impressions for this series, just like that. And the initial information I first gathered for this anime… man I WAS TRICKED! Akina does seem to not have any power but that’s actually a facade. And currently there’s no “chemistry” I can hope yet for this anime although there’s hope for it (HELL YEA). So this definitely goes into my watchlist. Yeah!
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October 23rd, 2008
(Text first, eyecandies later. I’ve seen way too many RyuujiTaiga arts, so I wonder if there’s any RyuujiAmi besides from what I gather from the novels?)

The very one simple question I’d like to have this answered.

Right now as I gather a couple of information in my hands, I’m starting to get myself speculating hints of the existence of RyuujiAmi in the novels, although I need to have this confirmed by myself. And of course, with the current information I have I won’t be able to accept a pass of “false” in this case.

What I can summarize from my knowledge as of now, note that this is just my views and speculations…(SPOILERS AHEAD SO PLEASE CLOSE YOUR BROWSER IF YA DON’T WANNA READ KTHXBAI):

Ami, with the knowledge that Ryuuji is taking care of Taiga and that he likes Minori, is jealous because he almost always pays attention to these two and not her. So she tries to attract his attention, albeit in a way that makes us all want to kill Ryuuji for being such a lucky bastard to be teased by her in such a… um, suggestive way; as well as being envious with Taiga. But I believe she didn’t make any moves against Minori because so far only Taiga who’s always on a lookout for a fight with her, while this is not a case for Minori.

And one more I can think is: in volume 4 of the novels Ami caught Ryuuji entering the bathroom while she was there, and with that, she threatened him to reveal what he did to Minori. Heh, what am I thinking here… is that if Minori knows about this, she’ll hate Ryuuji, and then with the Palmtop Tiger left to be taken care of, Ryuuji is basically free to be taken by Ami. How devious, although I wonder if she really thinks if that can really make Minori dislike Ryuuji to the point that Ryuuji is free to be taken by Ami herself (seriously you have to do MORE than that, my dear Kawashima-san).

And several more information which I forgot the description, but are valuable information in my cause (in proving that Ami does have feelings for Ryuuji).

Anyway. That’s all I can gather up to this point. I do hope the Baka-Tsuki guys can perform another splendid job though. I would like to give them a hand but… until reading Japanese is like a piece of cake like how I read my own language and English, I don’t think I am confident. But I can always learn though (thank goodness these guys introduced to me Rikaichan) and am still learning it as I continue my hobby of watching anime.

And here’s some gems of the mind I just thought of…

“Truth is, there can never be the best all-rounder anime ever around; if there is, no more people will like anime.”

I will edit this later if I can add more into this little “Innervision” of mine though.
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