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ONA, 2017Finished 12 eps, 21 min

Ten years ago, Jiang Xiaobai lost all his memories due to a traumatic event he no longer remembers. Now working as a trainee in Editorial Office No.2 of Wen Zheng Magazine, a literary periodical based in Chongqing, he is excited to begin a new chapter of his life: in two days, he finishes his probationary period and officially starts his job as an editor. He gives no thought to his recurring dream of a girl whose face can never clearly see. That evening, one of Jiang Xiaobai's seniors passes him the task of rushing to the airport to escort the idiosyncratic rising author Tong Li, who has returned from America to launch her first serialized novel in Chinese. As punishment for this senior reneging on his own duties, Jiang Xiaobai replaces him as Tong Li's new editor. Though they get off to a rough start, Tong Li soon recognizes Jiang Xiaobai as someone precious from her high school days. Before they know it, the wheels of fate are set in motion, as Jiang Xiaobai slowly uncovers clues about a long-forgotten girl from his past. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Mi Bao Zhi Guo

The Country of Rare Treasure

ONA, 2021Finished 10 eps, 17 min

In the multiverse called the data world, everything corresponding to the real world is stored. Within it, the data from relics of human culture gained self-awareness, and a secret group of spirits established an alliance: The Country of Rare Treasure. The restorers, while investigating their own origins, lead the secret spirits against the forgotten viruses that will devour everything. (Source: bilibili, translated)

ONA, 2018Finished 1 ep, 37 min

Jiang Xiaobai has regained his memories, and Tong Li cannot bring herself to face him. Separately, they confront the truths left unsaid for 10 years—about the band September, to which Jiang Xiaobai and Mu Xiyu dedicated their youth; about the love triangle between Jiang Xiaobai, Mu Xiyu, and Tong Li; and about the painful circumstances that brought the trio together and ultimately led to the terrible tragedy that occurred on the day Tong Li left for America. At the end of it all, can Jiang Xiaobai and Tong Li accept the past and face the future together? [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Wo Shi Jiang Xiaobai 2nd Season

I'm Joybo 2nd Season

ONA, 2018Finished 12 eps, 27 min

After coming to terms with their past, Jiang Xiaobai and Tong Li are still together as editor and author—and now, as lovers too. But not everything is smooth-sailing for the new couple. Tong Li's most recent work is being panned by readers and critics, and Wen Zheng Magazine's recent decline in sales means that her serialization is in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Jiang Xiaobai, fondly remembering making music with his friends in high school, steps in as the backup bassist for a local band struggling to make their break. Secretly, Tong Li is frustrated both by her writer's block and by Jiang Xiaobai venturing out to chase his old dream. Things come to a head when, following the replacement of the head editor for Editorial Office No. 2, her novel is canceled. As she and Jiang Xiaobai grow estranged and as her family increasingly meddles in their already-strained relationship, Tong Li wanders into a welfare center for autistic people, where she meets a young non-verbal man whose piano playing deeply moves her. She begins to volunteer at the welfare center, not realizing that her and Jiang Xiaobai's worlds are much closer than she thought. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

ONA, 2016Finished 15 eps, 13 min

(No synopsis yet.)


Ju Bing Chang Cheng Zhuan

The Great Warrior Wall

TV, 2019Finished 40 eps, 14 min

The main character of ‘The Great Wall Warrior’ is a wolf raised up by herbivores. The adventure starts with his pure mind of being the hero who can save the world from the Giant Warrior, but he has unconsciously involved in some big scheme… (Source: 2:10 Animation)

Music, 2011Finished 2 eps, 1 min

Bundled with the "Magical Halloween: Miracle Quartet" pachinko slot machine game CD. (Source: AniDB)