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Favorite Anime
Ai Yori Aoshi
Ai Yori Aoshi add
Love Hina Again
Love Hina Again add
Baby Princess 3D Paradise 0 [Love]
Baby Princess 3D Paradise 0 [Love] add
Princess Lover!
Princess Lover! add
Hanaukyou Maid-tai
Hanaukyou Maid-tai add

Favorite Manga
Ai Yori Aoshi
Ai Yori Aoshi add
Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!
Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! add
Imouto: Akane
Imouto: Akane add
Yomeiro Choice
Yomeiro Choice add
To LOVE-Ru Darkness
To LOVE-Ru Darkness add

Favorite Characters
Sakuraba, Aoi
Hotogi, Shirayuki
Nakata, Sae
Amatsuka, Haruka
Fuyou, Kaede
Masuda, Shizuka
Asahina, Mikuru
Miyano, Mayu

Favorite People
Kawasumi, Ayako
Kawasumi, Ayako
Horie, Yui
Horie, Yui
Mizuki, Nana
Mizuki, Nana
Gotou, Yuuko
Gotou, Yuuko
Kawakami, Tomoko
Kawakami, Tomoko
Kuribayashi, Minami
Kuribayashi, Minami
Tamura, Yukari
Tamura, Yukari
Ishihara, Kaori
Ishihara, Kaori

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Cincinnati, Ohio
April 22, 2011
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Anime Stats

Time (Days) 28.8
Watching 17
Completed 263
On Hold 0
Dropped 1532
Plan to Watch 403
Total Entries 2215

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Unknown :(

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Manga Stats

Time (Days) 18.1
Reading 107
Completed 101
On Hold 0
Dropped 721
Plan to Read 293
Total Entries 1222

Manga compatibility with zanetu is:
Unknown :(

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Equim-chan | 06-30-14, 3:20 AM

Equim-chan | 06-28-14, 7:15 PM

AnimeHonor | 06-06-14, 7:01 AM
your favs give me a boner

gamer2710 | 05-03-14, 7:28 PM
Thanks for the reply.

I tried it again and it works. However, when it wasn't working (the problem happened yesterday, and probably the day before as well, but I can't remember exactly) I had already modified the script to only point to my local file; it never downloads anything from your dropbox. My modification did work initially. Basically, it worked, then it stopped working, then it started working again just now. I don't know why it stopped working, and I don't know why it started working again.

gamer2710 | 05-03-14, 10:53 AM
Hello. Your userscript stopped working yesterday for some reason even though you just updated it after the hyperlink issue. I changed it around to use a local text file as the cache instead of the one uploaded to dropbox and it's been working great until now. It simply won't replace any titles at all.

Any idea what's wrong?

lpf | 05-03-14, 6:47 AM
Well that's a shame for mal-api. Your work on the script is great, thanks a lot again.

lpf | 05-02-14, 5:49 AM
Thanks a lot!!
Do you know if is coming back? It's down at the moment. So the script doesn't fetch newer titles. Not a big deal, just wanted to report that just in case.

lpf | 05-01-14, 10:35 AM
Hello. I believe that a recent update that changed a few bits of code in the HTML has broken many userscripts, including this one that you made

If it's not a hassle, could you consider giving it a look sometime? Meanwhile I'll try to hack a fix for it, but I'm no JS programmer (and no programmer at all so I don't know regexps very well).

orithyea | 03-18-14, 12:27 AM
Thank you so much for the script MAL Series Stats!

Sheild0731 | 03-12-14, 4:48 PM
Ah, thanks. =)

bugok888 | 02-19-14, 6:30 PM
elow friend ^^

lpf | 12-18-13, 4:54 PM
Your userscripts look amazing. I'll try them tomorrow. Thanks for your work on them.

bugok888 | 11-11-13, 2:23 AM
ur welcome ^^ by the way are in the philipines???

tuiddlestix | 11-03-13, 6:52 AM
I've been using the script--MAL Series Stats--and just want to say, "thanks". It's especially handy for quick copy and pasting of genre tags.

Hidden_Joker | 08-22-13, 11:10 PM
That manga was like a drop of water in a desert where childhood friends always lose. :3
Loved it.

Know anything like it?

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