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12-13-10, 9:20 AM
April 17,
Philadelphia, Pa
September 27, 2010
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talk to me and find out ;p

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Illayvser | 12-24-11, 6:21 AM
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :-)"

Illayvser | 05-15-11, 3:05 AM
Good Morning ;)
..ahh i am so tired ( usual) just wanted to say hi, and mention that i might get disconnected around 18th of May for like 2, or even 5 month's? can't be certain; and it's because i am moving to new apartament so ...
If it wasn't for BT i would be connected in a moment, but i have broadband from o2/b2, and they indeed like to take their's time.. as they did before when i got my current broadband/router. Took them about 2 month's to check my line and 2 month's to activate router ... scary ^^

Anyway, how are you doing?! ; )

Illayvser | 04-24-11, 3:31 AM
hey, how is it goin'?
was busy lately so didnt had enuff time to login here ^^ " neither to update my myl'st haha.

Cheers, have a good day Matey! *sneez [bit sick]*

Illayvser | 12-25-10, 11:07 AM

Illayvser | 12-07-10, 1:15 AM
sup? o =

silver_huskey | 11-22-10, 2:13 AM
Much thanks for the friend request. ^_^ Welcome to MAL!

Illayvser | 10-16-10, 5:16 AM
hai, how is it going? =P since im very bored, just watching random animes, eating some bad stuff and drinkin beer's.. nothing to brag about huh, besides i noticed; lately.. that myl is so laggy that even signatures dont feel like being up'd to date.. (forum sig's) esh, harsh times huh

nightwolf71 | 10-09-10, 3:34 PM
so how do you MAL so far

Mandak | 10-08-10, 11:55 AM
Yeeeeah XD

Illayvser | 10-08-10, 9:12 AM
So.. uh, oh, ouch.. TwT ""
How is it going on this rainy day?
..For ex. im enjoyin' downloading all, those new anime shows, woah.. so many of them! gonna catch them all, haha (::

Mandak | 10-07-10, 1:49 AM
Hello! Thanks for friendship. Is it just for random or is there anything so interesting in my profile? :D

mikuruhi | 10-06-10, 6:25 PM
oh i see, that's awesome :D rofl oh really? xD i've only seen clips of it on my friend's ipod a long time ago at school but i got the idea of what it's about =P

mikana | 10-06-10, 10:32 AM
thanks for the friend request:D

Kuma-Kuma | 10-01-10, 3:30 PM

mikuruhi | 09-29-10, 9:45 AM
oh i see, i like action animes too :D hmm, my favorite is probably parody/comedy animes like hayate or gintama but i will pretty much like anything other than yaoi or yuri =P

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