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January 20,
San Francisco, California
August 12, 2011
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About sudachi
A Sudachi is type of Japanese lime that was the symbol of Tokushima Prefecture in Shikoku where I lived and worked as a teacher for two years. My neighbors used to leave bags of them on my doorstep as gifts so I guess you could say I’ve eaten my own weight in these little things!

I’m a huge fan of anime, but also an avid reader, runner, and Hipstamatic nut. I also love cooking as well as mixing and trying out different cocktail recipes—perfect for enjoying with an episode or two in the evenings! My anime tastes are very broad, but I generally lean toward sci-fi and slice-of-life as my two favorite genres. The first anime I ever watched was Cowboy Bebop and the rest was history. I also love learning about Japanese culture, history and cinema and am a huge fan of the films of Yasujiro Ozu and Akira Kurosawa.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to hit me up with any recommendations or just to chat!

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nathansmmrs | 08-18-13, 3:25 AM
Yes! I'm addicted to everything Madhouse puts out now! Oh and the ant buggers arc is really brutal... But so freaking good!

nathansmmrs | 08-17-13, 4:48 AM
Oh! You're watching HxH 2011! I am too actually!!! Up to EPs 92 right now (I found a great site to watch it off my smartphone). Also don't know if you'd be into it, but there is another great Madhouse anime called Btoom!

nathansmmrs | 07-07-13, 1:14 PM
Yeah, it's really good, it's in the same category as Cowboy Bebop, or Wolf Rain! Oh that's another good one, Wolfs Rain is in a post apocalyptic kind of setting, and while the characters are a little funny, the story is pretty engrossing.

nathansmmrs | 07-06-13, 7:40 PM
Yo, how's it going? Just noticed we have the same taste (scifi/ slice of life) so I thought I'd suggest some anime. Well first off it's a shame you've never watched Trigun, it's one of my all time favorite sci-fis. I also see that you're watching Attack on Titans, so I'd suggest Blue Gender, which is similar in many ways. Lastly,Darker Than Black, it's hard to get into at first, but believe me it's worth the wait! Okay! Well Thanks for reading, I'm sure we can be friends.

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