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One Punch Man
One Punch Man
Yesterday, 9:48 AM
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Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland
Yesterday, 7:45 AM
Watching 10/12 · Scored -
One Piece
One Piece
Yesterday, 2:32 AM
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Nana to Kaoru
Nana to Kaoru
Nov 27, 9:35 AM
Reading 141/- · Scored 10
Ten Count
Ten Count
Oct 10, 2:43 AM
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Hana wa Saku ka
Hana wa Saku ka
Sep 21, 11:34 AM
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MagicPotato98 Nov 20, 9:55 PM
So what have you been up to lately? Any good anime recommendations? :D
MagicPotato98 Nov 11, 3:48 PM
Karuta i think is always better in Japanese. Syllables and sounds are different as well. I think if people truly wanted to play karuta, they would have to learn Japanese. :P
MagicPotato98 Nov 6, 9:27 PM
So true right? i heard that some english karuta fans are trying to translate karuta cards into english, and some of their translations are seriously hilarious. XD
MagicPotato98 Nov 3, 4:05 AM
I LOVE CHIHAYA TO DEATH because she is such a strong character and she is actually so amazing, like her karuta skills are amazing and her positivity is very refreshing! She's not like most shoujo main characters where they always just look up to a guy, or they are clumsy, a damsel in distress type character. She is like a female warrior! I LOVE THE ANIME SO MUCH! I remember after watching the anime, I went straight to youtube and searched up real Karuta playing videos and it is actually THAT FAST can you believe it! The anime and manga was exaggerating at all!

BTW there is a live action of Chihayafuru coming out next year and the cast looks amazing! Let's hope that they've actually learnt how to play karuta well so that the integrity of the game is still preserved in the live action ^_^

here is a picture. Chihaya is sooooooo pretty
MagicPotato98 Nov 1, 4:22 AM
OMG I watched the new episode!!! YUKINE IS THE BEST!!!!!!! I am so proud of this little boy I wish I could give him a hug! And poor poor Kazuma!

Sakurasou was certainly cute, but I think there was too much ecchi in there for me, unnecessary fanservice always puts a good anime down.
MagicPotato98 Oct 30, 5:50 PM
Ahhhhh it's out today isn't it! I think I'll save it for later. Hue hue hue XD

Recently finished Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. What do you think of it? ^_^
MagicPotato98 Oct 26, 2:22 AM
It looks like it's going to be quite interesting. I will definitely check it out.

BTW, have you seen the latest episode of Noragami! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG the cliffhanger!!
MagicPotato98 Oct 21, 4:38 PM
I know right? Their resemblance is uncanny! XD

I saw that you are currently watcing Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru! Is that good? I have that on my PTW list but I'm not sure if I should start it!

MagicPotato98 Oct 20, 5:34 AM
I read the manga, yeah apparently they came out with a manga because the series was really just to advertise for the game and so many fans complained that the season didn't last any longer so they wrote a 75 chapter manga for it, which I think is pretty amazing!

In the manga, Len ended up with Hino while kazuki confessed to her and I think she turned him down. I like both of them to be honest, Len is kinda the reserved serious type and Kazuki is the bubbly type. I think depending on my mood on the day, I would have shipped either one.

I would love Barakamon to get a season 2! The ending was so heartwarming I almost cried. And don't you think Handa reminds you a little bit of tamaki from Ouran highschool host club? Handa is like the socially awkward version but the way they react dramatically to situations kinda gives the same hilarious vibe! :D
MagicPotato98 Oct 19, 1:10 PM
Oh have you?!!! THAT"S GREAT!!!! Whenever I recommend La Corda Doro to people, they get put off because it is somewhat like a reverse harem.

Yay, I frickin love that anime! Are you a lenxhino person or kazukixhino person? And after watching that show, I played Ave Maria non-stop on repeat for like a month straight XD

Just recently I finished barakamon, and I love it! Have you seen it?
MagicPotato98 Oct 18, 4:52 PM
That's really cool that I met someone who plays classical music on MAL! Me too, I love a bit of classical and contemporary here and there :) My favourite composers would have to be Mozart and Chopin. Mozart, well because he's a little nuts and his music sounds really posh and it makes me want to dance! And Chopin because he's just fricking amazing like his music just touches the soul. Recently I've been looking more and more into 20th century music, I used to hate that kind of music but now I'm slowly starting to like it. A bit of ravel, Stravinsky is actually quite good!

I know that nothing can probably quite compare to shingatsu or nana or nodame but there is this fantastic anime called La Corda D'Oro, it's about classical music and got me practicing for like 3 hours after I watched the anime. Maybe check it out? ^_^
MagicPotato98 Oct 18, 2:11 AM
How intense is everything getting though! I feel so sorry for Yukine! He just made a friend and lost him, GIVE THAT BOY A BreAK for god's sake (god's sake hahahhahhaha Yato as a god there's no hope......XD) But yeah, loving the balance of humour with the intense moments! Love all the Yato and Hiyori moments!

That's cool! I love the piano! Music is a great way to express yourself without words! Do you play like classical stuff or contemporary stuff? ^_^
MagicPotato98 Oct 17, 4:12 PM
Are you watching it right now, the airing season?

I freaking adore all the music in Tokyo Ghoul even though I have never watched the anime especially Unravel and White Silence. I have them both on my ipod and trying to learn the piano version of Unravel.
MagicPotato98 Oct 17, 5:35 AM
OMG I haven't even had a chance to watch Tokyo Ghoul yet, many people spoiled the ending for me and because it's kinda open and sad now I don't want to watch it. You see I don't deal very well with sad things.

But right now I'm watching Noragami Aragoto and I am loving it so far!
MagicPotato98 Oct 17, 1:29 AM
Hello! i don't think we've had a good chance to talk! Are you watching anything right now? ^_^