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05-23-15, 7:43 AM
October 10, 1985
St. Petersburg, Florida
September 16, 2007
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Time (Days) 64.6
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About qyot27
I've been watching anime since the mid-90s. Earliest real memories of it are from the Sci Fi Channel's Saturday Anime feature, back in '95 or early '96.

I've been editing AMVs since mid-2002, and participated in four installments of AMV Hell - 0, CE, 4, and /0.

Particular weakness for certain - more mainstream - eroge, such as Peace@Pieces, Tsukihime, ToHeart2, etc. Preference for comedy and romance series, especially together (which probably explains the comment before this). Won't overlook notable entries in other genres, though.

Long-time fan of Goth Rock and Industrial music, although I fail to see how this relates to my profile here. :P (I rarely use said genres in my AMVs, though.)

I've used Ubuntu since version 5.10 (Breezy Badger, for anyone who prefers the codenames).

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Kiritoo__kun | 01-01-15, 7:16 AM

Happy New Year

happySoul | 06-18-13, 7:55 AM
Hi there. Saw you on and wanted to add you :P

ragre | 01-01-12, 11:21 AM
Happy New Year to you too!

AimoAio | 01-01-12, 7:23 AM
And to you too :)

HyperCobaltMax | 12-31-11, 7:48 PM
Happy New Year friend. God bless! (-:

DigiDigi | 04-27-11, 12:02 PM
Oh I see, well the internet distracts me BIG TIME. I invested in a HD screened laptop and i just did a clean up of all the temporary files, caches, and unwanted cookies on my computer and the browser and it works pretty fine for me again. My job, well, is being a musician and I just listen to music for ideas and song write for now. I wouldn't necessarily consider the internet being a distraction if I have writer's-block, but as of right now I have ideas and I'm being distracted XD

DigiDigi | 04-27-11, 9:15 AM
yeah thats how it is on the internet. My personal intentions for the day will be "Watch entire anime series today" and I find myself debating on forums and doing research or just chatting on social networking sites like here on MAL and facebook.

DigiDigi | 04-27-11, 12:34 AM
lol I've never heard that term before: Woobie. It makes sense as well. I find Mikeru annoying as hell, either voice actress annoys me. I was thinking Haruhi and Kyon was the canon pairing during the series :o. The movie was obviously Yuki (yuki is cute too)

DigiDigi | 04-26-11, 7:53 PM
WAIT?! YOUR A MIKURU FAN?!! *hesitates to press remove friend button*

DigiDigi | 04-26-11, 7:52 PM
hello! ^.^

KawaiiCheese-Kun | 10-09-10, 5:08 PM
Happy Birthday. :)

xRiahx | 09-20-10, 1:28 AM
Hello :)

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napolean86 | 09-05-10, 11:50 AM
Welcome new FAC member:)

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zefiriss | 11-18-09, 2:41 PM

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