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July 19, 2009
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About mezzoguitar
I now allow comments on my profile. I may disable them again in the future, but I'll see how it goes.

Personal Details:
I am an anime fan, but I don't consider myself an otaku. I've been watching anime since 1999 (Rurouni Kenshin was my first), but I've only really been enamored with the medium since 2008 when I started joining popular online anime communities and caught up with current anime as a result.

My Tastes:
I like a lot of anime genres and I don't have much of a bias against any of them. If I had to choose a favorite genre, it would be drama. As vague and all-encompassing as that sounds, I like anime that handle their dramatic conflicts with consistency, as well as characters that I can empathize with or at least adore. A lot of my top anime and manga are action, but for me the action is mostly a backdrop for awesome drama, characters, and plot.

I'm also a fan of the slice-of-life genre. I know from experience that there tend to be a lot of clunkers in this genre, but the best of the lot really shine as good anime.

My visual novel list. I consider a VN "completed" when I've played through all the routes I'm interested in with a certain level of satisfaction. Deal with it.

Guide to Scores:
The values of my anime/manga ratings are a lot higher than the average and certainly don't correspond to this website's standards.

10 - Sublime.
9 - Excellent.
8 - Awesome.
7 - Great.
6 - Good.
5 - Above Average.
4 - Below Average.
3 - Poor.
2 - Bad.
1 - Terrible/Abysmal.

Random Facts:
  • I don't normally accept random friend requests. If we've had a decent amount of conversation in the past, or if I know you from elsewhere, then I'll accept your request.
  • It helps me to enjoy an anime if it has a cute/attractive female character in it. I'm a man after all.
  • I don't have a 'waifu', and I doubt that I ever will have one. I admire and feel moe feelings for lots of female characters, but I draw a line at the 'waifu' thing.
  • Out of the seven deadly sins, the one which describes me the best is sloth.
  • I have no idea how CSS works so my list style is bland.
  • I strongly favor subs over dubs. I'm aware that there are some decent dubs out there, but almost none are a suitable replacement for the original audio.

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Akito_Kinomoto | 08-30-14, 3:42 PM
Gimme an action show no > 13 episodes. Doesn't matter if I've already seen it. Why would I ask though? No idea.

midnightblade | 07-29-14, 8:46 AM
Awww Kasumi... what did you think about the epilogue/ending for muv luv alternative?

Akito_Kinomoto | 07-09-14, 9:00 AM
Om nom nom nom Kasumi.

Akito_Kinomoto | 02-03-14, 10:23 PM
So, I had a review in the works, and as far as I can tell this is about as well I can write as of now. Next time I go back to writing, I want to see how much I've improved.

And once again, thank you.
*Edgeworth bow.*

Akito_Kinomoto | 01-07-14, 11:21 PM
BtB in a nutshell (you can probably guess what it is).

Akito_Kinomoto | 12-31-13, 4:42 PM
You said I wouldn't like Little Busters! Refrain's ending. Well, I finally got around to watching it.

Akito_Kinomoto | 12-24-13, 6:32 PM
Any plans to watch the Yuki Nagato spin-off? It's not the season three we've hoped for though.

Veronin | 11-11-13, 3:06 PM
Ehh, I had nothing against those two, but I guess they just didn't grab my interest enough to complete them. That's usually my reason for dropping stuff these days.

Azusa's birthday, hm. I feel like a cake would be most appropriate, but with my cooking skills it would probably be more of an insult to her than anything. :(

Akito_Kinomoto | 10-26-13, 12:03 AM
How's Little Busters! Refrain treating you so far? Do you see any signs it might pull the bullshit After Story did?

Akito_Kinomoto | 09-08-13, 7:50 PM
I just thought I'd warn you Kokoro Connect has good characters and bad story. The fact the main antagonist is named Heartseed almost makes the show feel like a parody of moe'lodrama. Not that I hated it; it's just confusing.

GingerGi | 06-29-13, 6:59 AM
The best belong with the best! Join MCA today~

Akito_Kinomoto | 05-19-13, 6:56 PM
Hrm. So when you disable comments, the "comments" are still there. They're just hidden until you allow commenting again.

Veronin | 08-03-11, 12:40 AM
It's more the personality that I like her for, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't find her pretty sexy as well. Short and flat, but dem curves and thighs to go with it. Plus twintails. Twintails are always awesome.

Yui's definitely close up top too. Probably the most entertaining character in the show by far.

Veronin | 08-03-11, 12:12 AM
Mature, attractive, diligent, kind, and most of all, completely adorable.

What's not to love?

kiisuke_89 | 12-29-09, 7:09 PM
sorry for the late reply...
yup,i really enjoy that anime/manga....

i'll try to catch up wif kimi no todoke as well

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