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Total Recommendations: 4

If you liked
Hourou Musuko
...then you might like
Houkago Hokenshitsu

~Both deal with the trouble of gender identification, though After School Nightmare is a bit darker than Hourou Musuko.

If you liked
...then you might like
Bradherley no Basha

Both have similarly twisted themes, but on different levels. They both focus on the horrors caused by humans themselves.

If you liked
...then you might like
Perfect Blue

Both are psychological thrillers that give the watcher a lot to think about
Both are pretty violent :0

If you liked
...then you might like
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Both are somewhat disturbing (though be warned Higurashi has A LOT of blood in it)
Both have the common theme of fate
Both have different story lines every couple of episodes

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