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11-05-14, 5:17 AM
October 5,
Melbourne, Australia
August 29, 2007
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Totally obsessed with Mizuki Nana~ <3

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Cagla | 12-15-12, 6:29 AM
Hey ^^ How are you? :) Wow! you're a Nana Mizuki fan *-* I'm a fan also :D I watched her Live Castle Queen's Night performance yesterday and it was awesome *_*

CL100100 | 01-31-12, 3:10 PM
Hi, may I say that you have a fantastic blog and thank you for showing your support for Nana, she's the best! ^^

anamnesis | 11-05-10, 9:45 PM
Hi! Nana Mizuki rocks! :D

kiseki_gurl | 06-02-09, 1:02 AM
Hey girl finally went into MAL after like a year LOL.

Kouma_Kun | 05-05-09, 6:03 AM
Stumbled across your blog while looking for info on Animelo 2008 o.o And decided to say hi here... just because I'm also a Mizuki Nana fan ^_^

Mewn | 02-27-09, 3:53 PM
You have some good taste. >.>

Yomi and Nana<3~

Willsun | 12-02-08, 4:26 PM
Can't find the infamous j1m0ne on Facebook. Just wanted to get in touch with as many Minorin-phytes as possible. Care to throw a hint that won't give her away entirely?

Also would like to friend you as well to connect Minorin fans all over the world. Am I the only other large supporter of Minorin from the US?

Metroid | 10-27-08, 1:15 PM
Kuwashima and Gaymoar~

But you are right, I'm getting sick and tired of this Hirano fad. She had 1 good role and that made her a goddess. Fuck that shit, she doesn't deserve to stand next to someone like Emi Shinohara or Minami Takayami. Or even Megumi Hayashibara!

And that argument, why watch something if you hate the seiyuu? Yeah. No. That's a bullshit reason since no matter how annoying she played Misa, Death Note itself was alright. Just an example. Man, people seriously need to start watching some better, classy stuff. Also friend request send.

michiko | 07-11-08, 2:07 AM

KhalReblic23 | 06-02-08, 7:43 AM
So did you ever get your work done??? lol

KhalReblic23 | 05-18-08, 10:56 PM
Hey do you have AIM or anything? I had some questions about your blog set up as I'm still trying to learn how to use mine lol

KhalReblic23 | 05-17-08, 11:35 PM
thanks alot! yeah alot of people are surprised because they have this idea of what pilots are like hehe, but i'd say most of us have our own random hobbies at home, and well anime is mine! i couldnt live without it

its taken me about 8 years to grow this collection, takes alot of patience but the payoff is awesome!

I plan on writing a long baaaa ARIA entry at some point soon, just been bogged down by work lately XD

KhalReblic23 | 05-16-08, 11:21 PM
Hi there! I just finished watching Aria The Origination and came across your review! It was spot on and I enjoyed reading it. I really feel the same way about Aria...not really any words to describe it ^_^

Clement_Tea | 04-29-08, 9:15 PM
Actually, MAL only recently changed the favorite Seiyuu to People, so it was not your reading fault back then. Along with that change, they added 2 more slots to the original 5, but you know that already.

Of course, now that the term has been switched, you have no reason not to put Nana as 1st~ =P

Haha, and I kinda liked your cosplay pic though. I didn't get a good look back then - mind telling me what cosplay was that supposed to be?

Meia | 04-27-08, 6:39 AM
Hola. Who am I? :P

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