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06-06-14, 5:45 AM
July 3, 1995
Some place tropical
April 29, 2010
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About foxchick
I don't really care what people think of me becouse if somebody likes me then they should like whats on the inside not the outside and if you dont like it well then shut up and I dont take care of what you think of the manga I like I like it so I'm allowed to like it.And sometimes I so wish that I could grow fox ears and tail and some owl wings becouse that would be sooooooooooooo cool.
I also wish I could go to college alredy so I could study art.
I also have this saying "Every sane person has a bit of madness and every mad person has a bit of sanity".

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darkquach | 12-25-12, 5:35 PM

darkquach | 09-21-12, 5:43 PM
it's quicker to check, but if you like, we can send private messages like before

darkquach | 09-18-12, 5:16 PM
you can try , I will love to hear :D

darkquach | 09-12-12, 11:54 PM
I'm glad too ^^ you took your time replying though haha xD
So, anything new?

darkquach | 08-28-12, 7:21 PM
hey ^^ it's been a while , how do you do

darkquach | 02-14-12, 7:31 AM

darkquach | 12-23-11, 5:16 AM

darkquach | 12-12-11, 5:41 AM
Hi, how you been doing, haven't seen you around for some time.
Hope everything is ok :D

Zexu | 10-13-11, 6:23 PM
To delete friends
go to their profile -> under their profile picture (if they have one)

ScythicX | 10-02-11, 7:09 PM
This is DarkQuach.
My old account has been hacked by some hacker called themselves SSJMaster.
So i was unable to receive or send message to u via that account.
If u want to talk with me, please use this one instead

Thank you.

AmyMidnight | 06-17-11, 5:57 PM
Well...I Was Hoping For The Video Game Of Alice In The Country Of Hearts To Come Out In America...Sorry For The Confusion There :P It Is Only In Japanese Anyway...But I Could Give You The Link For Seeing The Game In English Subbed...There's A Girl [Who Does Not Speak English...She Just Use A Translator For The English Subbed] Who Has Played The Game Before...You Have To Be Her Friend First And Asked Her To Be In Her "Friend Filter" So You Could Have The Links For Her Youtube Videos Of The Game [These Links Are Actually Private...Only The Ones Who Have The Links Will Get To See It]...Anyway I Could Give This Link For A Heart no Kuni no Alice Fan [Alice In The Country Of Heart Fan]...So You Want To Watch The Game [Who Is Played By The Girl]? And Again The Game Is In English Subbed Who Is Translated By A Person...Sometimes The Translation Is Mixed Up But You Could Know What Is Happening Anyway...

AmyMidnight | 06-16-11, 10:25 AM
Yes...Alice In The Country Of Hearts Did Came To America...Just The Manga Anyway...Volume 1-5 Is Out Right Now...And The Last Volume Of Alice In The Country Of Hearts, Volume 6, I Going To Be Out This Month Or The Next Month...

Ardnaed | 05-20-11, 9:35 AM
Sure! :) I know what you mean about being honest. I make good first impressions then I just keep talking and thats when I get into trouble.

Ardnaed | 05-13-11, 6:04 PM
I think we're the same, we read an awesome manga/anime and wanna tell everybody about how awesome it is...but we're too lazy to write a whole lot about it and we're not good at it. :D

>< no offense

chisaihoshi | 01-04-11, 1:13 PM

*click to stamps to go on club site*

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