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09-04-14, 1:50 PM
June 3, 1992
Algiers, Algeria
February 6, 2010
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i'll write something....but not today :)
if you are a fan of fruit basket and would like to see a second season please sign this petition here
Anime Start/End Chapter
Starts at Vol 2, Chap 1
Ends at Vol 12, Chap 42

if u wanna read the manga fruit basket from where the anime stopped then start with vol6 chapter 31 "experimented" myself ^^ That is the BEST place to read on from....
also if u wanna read skip beat the manga and u've watched the anime.. u better start from volume 11 chapter 66
i just wanted to add those cuz i've been looking for it everywhere and no one helped me :( .. so i helped myself thank u very much

my first pets ^^^

my tests resultsI

my favorite scene in clannad

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05-10-10, 3:31 AM Edited 09-07-10, 12:11 PM
favorite anime guys
07-05-10, 1:57 PM Edited 08-28-10, 9:50 AM
favorite anime couples
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toridoshi | 03-11-14, 5:59 PM
Slice of Life Club Newsletter

shimizukumiko | 10-09-13, 8:06 AM
Hey *wave*

Hurmmm, No problem..My pleasure :))
Ohh, I also guessing its a fan,
It's okay if u dont know..Yeah, I really like nice..

ahh really ? thanks :) Glad u like it..It's a Manga but already forgot what the tittle..LOL!
I use it as my profile picture because of the black cat..I fall in love with the black cat.. actually I really love cat, especially black cat..LOL,

shimizukumiko | 10-02-13, 1:49 AM
Hey..ur profile picture is awesome..I like it it fan art or manga/anime ?

AkuDaiki | 09-29-13, 7:51 PM
haha gorey anime is so fun to watch i dont know why! Yeah Japan was fabulous i think i might move there later in life it was really amazing! Man right now i dont know what to watch im gonna finish mauyuu but i want a super good phycological anime to watch or like a super awesome gorey action one ahhhh haha so attack on titan is over now oh my gosh!

AkuDaiki | 09-15-13, 7:51 AM
Man this time it took me forever to reply! I was in JApan! woop woop

Thanks! I really like slam dunk too! My favorite genre is phycological or maybe romance I dunno I like almost all anime that has some sort of small romantic plot but I do really like my action gorey bad ass ones too .... im a dork haha what about you?

AkuDaiki | 08-15-13, 2:43 PM
Woah your name is awesome and i have been on recently either but just happened to be on for you to reply haha

nerodevil | 08-07-13, 11:02 PM

AkuDaiki | 08-06-13, 10:22 PM
Yeah for sure! Im Anthony im 16 and i live in washington i play soccer and watch a butt ton of anime! Nice to meet you!

AkuDaiki | 08-02-13, 10:50 AM
haha no problem as long as your still watchingh anime right

AkuDaiki | 07-28-13, 8:52 PM
Whats up ! you took awile to reply haha

AkuDaiki | 05-25-13, 7:48 PM

toridoshi | 12-30-12, 10:27 PM

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SpySam | 06-03-12, 5:42 AM
Happy Birthday!!

Kurenai-Iris | 03-03-12, 12:44 PM
OHayo Biba-chan , ^___^
Hehehe , I start using this site finally
And I totally LOVE IT *.* <3
Ja ne !

Shwele | 12-05-11, 7:15 AM
Hi there... may I ask how did you stumble upon my account? :>

Well... friend of mine did it for me. You need to know basic CSS and MySQL in order to make it like that. ^^

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