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09-13-14, 12:46 PM
June 9, 1992
Pearl Of the Orient Seas
May 25, 2010
2,370 (Find All)
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About StormViruz
Busy with real life... *sigh*

Welcome! Boring profile isn't it? :D

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Soulsfear | 06-09-14, 12:02 PM
Happy birthday

Anisamar | 06-08-14, 2:27 PM
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a good one~

Anisamar | 01-27-14, 4:16 PM
Sure it is. ;w;

Soulsfear | 01-06-14, 2:08 PM
np..thx xD
xD well,you should watch the special first cuz It's long like 2 episodes merged together xD

I see,that's not pleasant...the ironic thing is how you finished Working!! 2 and you planning to watch another anime about ''woring'' that is by the same author as Working series xD

Well,became even more lazy with my real life so there's even more time to read/watch stuff..but not forever xD
Yup..New year = new nick once again (actually this nickname is my surname on Skype) xD

NeddaSai | 01-05-14, 6:07 PM

YAAAY that's even better than a movie!!! thanks for telling me!

Happy New Year! XD

Soulsfear | 01-04-14, 2:08 PM
hey,Hope you started well your New Year (Happy New Year) xD
New Special of Mushishi is out and by the end of the episode there was announced 2nd season to air in Spring this year I heard xD
So how're you doing nowdays?

Anisamar | 12-24-13, 3:46 PM
Merry Xmas~~ ヾ(^∇^)

I hope you get many presents, have a good time and enjoy a lot~ ∩( ・ω・)∩

NeddaSai | 12-03-13, 9:55 PM
you're very welcome!!
exciting, isn't it? I can't wait!!

NeddaSai | 12-03-13, 5:39 PM

zenith_kim94 | 10-21-13, 3:59 AM
Hello StormViruz!
Our AC dropped again! :<
Nevertheless, the margin is not that huge. :>

TragicRomance | 09-03-13, 3:30 AM
Hi, I was checking out your profile and it seems like we have things in common. We both joined MAL in May 2010. Our comments are 2300-2600, quite near to each other. I though it's interesting xD

NeddaSai | 07-24-13, 6:39 AM
hey thanks!! XD
Yeah, I'm beginning to notice the slow pace..but I don't mind that much!
it would all depend on the payoff really! sadly I don't have time to read the manga.. :(

NeddaSai | 07-21-13, 6:49 AM
yeah, I know what you mean! I've got some of that on my end as well!!
but it's slowed enough to allow some anime watching, thank god!!
I've noticed you gave Monster a 10? Now I can't wait to finish it! XD

AnimeCrusader | 07-20-13, 9:22 AM
That's what I did, and I would recommend you to do so. I think that the main series (the 110 episodes long one) is a true anime gem. I have yet to see the gaiden's and movies with my own eyes, but, as I have already read from some reviews, they are plainly good and do not live up to the main series brilliance. So, I would recommend you to watch it after you have seen the 110 - episodes main series, If you want more of this war epic.

AnimeCrusader | 07-20-13, 8:38 AM
Your welcome :D I am glad you liked it. It was a fine movie. Now, time for you to complete Legend of the Galactic Heroes. :D

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