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08-04-12, 8:41 PM
January 8,
浅草花やしき (I wish!!)
January 28, 2009
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Time (Days) 0.8
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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 8.2
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Unknown :(

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>_< I'm so angry I missed the summer and winter PuraTuri concerts! But I will eventually get Utsusemi! I ended up downloading it T~T But I wanted the actual CD... But now I want MGATW and Pura's SHOXX File #2 >_<
I'm a total manga freak! I'm currently learning Japanese (I'm learning kanji now! *katakana*) and French. Hmmm, not much to say....Oh! I don't usually accept random friend requests, unless I'm feeling super happy so, yea.
Favorite Couples (Under Con.)


I don't know why, but I LOVE Taiki Kayashima from Hana-Kimi (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e)! It's weird, I know, because I've never met anyone else who likes him XD


Favorite Bands (Under Con.)
Plastic Tree (PuraTuri) (My All-time Favorite)

alice nine.

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2 Months!
03-28-09, 9:44 PM
The Gentleman's Alliance
03-10-09, 4:31 PM
02-19-09, 1:42 PM Edited 03-09-09, 5:11 PM

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asukai_kun | 07-17-10, 2:35 PM
hiii~ sorry for pm you here xDD since PMs int working

it seems you like Akuma to Love Song
so i thought you would like to join the Akuma to Love Song FC

have already invited you xDD
hope you will accept the invitation

shadowvampire | 04-16-09, 5:11 PM
yeah i'm fine to.

shadowvampire | 04-16-09, 3:46 PM
u are welcome and i don't even remember joining but thanks so how are u then.

shadowvampire | 04-16-09, 3:39 PM
hey whats up i would like to be your friend but u my not accept me but i send you one just if u do and if not i would like to now u a little and see if u like to add me.

XxToxicRainbowxX | 04-15-09, 4:33 AM
Hey no problem..^_~

animegirlseb | 04-07-09, 6:55 PM
yea their both cute pairings

animegirlseb | 04-07-09, 6:48 PM
thanks ^^

Khristina | 04-07-09, 5:39 PM
You're welcome :D

Khristina | 04-07-09, 5:33 PM
Hey! Here's your Angel's member card :D

No. 0007 - Sodonii-Chan [Member Card]

yukigirl | 04-07-09, 3:44 PM
nothing much

LinsletWalker | 04-01-09, 9:33 AM
haha oki thx ^^

LinsletWalker | 03-29-09, 11:00 AM
thx for joing my club ^^
hf there~

animegirlseb | 03-27-09, 6:57 PM
same here

animegirlseb | 03-27-09, 4:39 PM
thanks ^w^

animegirlseb | 03-27-09, 4:04 PM
thanks and joining my club

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