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08-14-13, 5:10 AM
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March 14, 2010
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laketica | 01-10-12, 11:11 PM

1. Get your NEW official member cards along with new member ID # HERE! Even if you received previous cards, the numbering system has been restarted and everyone can claim NEW ID #'s and NEW cards.

2. We have surpassed 4000 members!!! Get your 4000+ LE cards HERE! The thread will officially open on 01/12/12 Thursday ~8AM PST. They are available for a limited time, so get them fast!

Kannei | 02-01-11, 2:29 PM

Yo minna**
--New Voting is up -here-
--if u havented voted for couple of the month february -go here- Last chance

--For all bl stuff what starts 2011 or you know some who do look here

And if you whant a lil birthday card on your special day -then look at this
for all who already posted in here and changed your username please tell us
Thx alot have a nice day and Fun voting ;)

BlackMoral | 12-06-10, 6:09 AM

Hello, minna-san! Missed us? Then we have a lot of new things to offer you!

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Origa-san | 12-02-10, 4:20 AM

Kannei | 10-31-10, 8:47 PM

Yo minna new votings are up

Couple of the Month~december

Main Pic~Togainu

so have Fun and Happy Halloween

Kannei | 10-01-10, 8:01 AM

Yo Minna Votings are up:)

~~couple of the Month

~~Main Pic Voting

mafiagustawa | 09-15-10, 4:19 PM

Witajcie, Nyanowcy!

Spamujemy Cię z wieścią, że rozpoczęły się zamówienia koszulek klubowych. Zamówić możesz u Onsena lub Hilfa poprzez prywatne wiadomości na MALu, gg lub tlena. Pamiętaj żeby podać kolor koszulki, rozmiar i krój (męski/żeński). Wszystkie szczegóły, rozmiary, ceny i wzory znajdziesz >TUTAJ<.

Pozdrawiamy -
Oficerowie i Administracja Nyan Poznań Clubu

Kannei | 09-02-10, 7:49 AM
bl obsession
vote here~
for the couple of the month-october

Strawberry_Mint | 03-15-10, 2:17 PM
Hey, thanks for the friend request! :3 I love making new friends!

Shinkaron | 03-14-10, 10:37 PM
You're welcome.As long as you don't send me a friend req. we're cool;) Because I take 10 a day in average!

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