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Favorite Anime
Bleach add
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch add
Kill la Kill
Kill la Kill add
Steins;Gate add
Tiger & Bunny
Tiger & Bunny add

Favorite Manga
Dance in the Vampire Bund
Dance in the Vampire Bund add
Elfen Lied
Elfen Lied add
Rosario to Vampire
Rosario to Vampire add
Suzumiya Haruhi Series
Suzumiya Haruhi Series add
Zero no Tsukaima
Zero no Tsukaima add

Favorite Characters
Kurosaki, Ichigo
Lamperouge, Lelouch
Yagami, Light
Hiraga, Saito
Aikawa, Ayumu
Kotetsu T.
Kaburagi, Kotetsu T.
Furuichi, Takayuki

Favorite People
Yamaguchi, Noboru
Yamaguchi, Noboru
An Cafe
An Cafe
Hamasaki, Ayumi
Hamasaki, Ayumi
Hirano, Aya
Hirano, Aya
Misato, Aki
Misato, Aki

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04-19-15, 2:52 PM
April 24, 1992
Flomaton, Alabama
December 11, 2008
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Anime Stats

Time (Days) 47.8
Watching 38
Completed 160
On Hold 26
Dropped 0
Plan to Watch 3
Total Entries 227

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Manga Stats

Time (Days) 8.1
Reading 34
Completed 25
On Hold 0
Dropped 0
Plan to Read 0
Total Entries 59

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About Sam201
Update: God, it has been a while since I have logged on 0_0 (mainly due to real life stuff), but anyway I am back :D and now I'm now officially 21 ^_^b

Hello, my name is Sam; I live in Alabama, I'm 21 years old and a high school graduate. My hobbies include: Watching Anime, reading manga, light Novels, and fanfics, playing video games (especially Super Smash Bros. Brawl), collecting anime stuff (my room looks like I robbed a anime shop XD lol) and creating anime based computer games and Graphics. Here is the link to my web site! My favorite Genre of anime are: Romance, Action, Comedy, Supernatural; and of course Yuri, but i will give anything a chance :). My favorite kinds of music are Jpop, Jrock, techno, Rock, Pop, and Classic Rock.
I love to chat with new people online so send me a message anytime.

Anime Conventions I have went to (Hey, maybe you seen me there ^_^)

Pictures from Kami-Con Season 2

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Some Photos of me

My Top 12 Animes

My Favorite Quotes

(Profile Still under construction ^.^)

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philiphos | 04-11-13, 9:17 AM
I guess the same. So What have you watched recently?

philiphos | 04-10-13, 1:03 PM
Hi Dude, Long time no see. How have you been?

TheOmegaOtaku | 03-15-13, 11:46 AM
Hi there Sam how you been? check out my newest anime unboxing

philiphos | 06-23-12, 1:36 PM
Of Course like any bleach fan my favourite character it's Kurosaki (because of it's thoughts and that kind of stuff) but there are another funny ones like Kon, and Keigo who's always beaten by his colleges.

philiphos | 06-19-12, 2:44 AM
Yeah it's high, my favourite anime since I watch more than read it's Naruto, Bleach which I'm very sorry that has already end and I'm enjoying very much of Brave 10, what is your?

Accelerator0 | 04-11-12, 1:30 PM
Wish I could do that too,it would be worth it

Accelerator0 | 04-07-12, 3:30 PM
I will say right now,I hat you >.>....your so lucky to be able to go to conventions XD.

I was kidding about the hate part,but really your lucky XD

xRiOtSx | 01-04-12, 7:28 AM
umm only the translated ones ^^;;

xRiOtSx | 01-04-12, 12:23 AM
hahahahaha xD xD xD I hope they make one xD although they already fixed that with a movie xD

xRiOtSx | 01-02-12, 1:25 AM
hehehehe Happy New Year too bro :D

hahaha it only has 2 seasons xD and yeah SnO is awesome xD

xRiOtSx | 12-28-11, 5:12 PM
hahaha it's ok xD and well she appears to be a "bad" guy at first but changes later :3

xRiOtSx | 12-24-11, 7:37 PM
hello dood :D Merry Christmas!!! :D

Accelerator0 | 09-20-11, 4:50 PM
I've been meaning to watch that XD,if you say its good Ill watch it once Ive finished Yu Yu Hakusho.I heard that was good, how would you rate its comedy and supernatural parts?

I havent read any manga yet besides Enchanter,Im more for buying manga and since I cant afford it/Im a closet Otaku I was planing to start reading once I get my own place...but ya Dance in the vampire bun was a great anime so I assume the manga will probably be as good if not better.

Accelerator0 | 09-18-11, 6:58 PM
Youll like the dub version,Akuto is just lucky that Miwa stopped the wasnt looking good for him...
Ive only seen the anime,I havent read the manga yet because Im still hopeing if funimation's dub goes well that they may make a season 3 and so on...if they dont then Ill end up reading what happens,ide just rather watch but Im a big fan so I want to see the ending.
You've seen my anime list,do you have any recommendations for me by any chance?Doesnt matter if its subbed or dubbed.

Accelerator0 | 09-18-11, 2:45 PM
I personally liked the dub.,I thought the voice actors fit the parts to which episode I liked let me think...let me see,I think Ill go with ep 5,I consider it the place where everything finally comes together.I useually enjoy the episode where the final main charcter is introduced.that and I enjoyed his fight with Peterhausen.

What about you,I ask the same questions in return?

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