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03-27-11, 1:19 PM
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April 10, 2007
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Darkness surrounds me and encloses my mind. My skills fade and my talents vanish as I die on the inside. Who can I trust now, who is friend and who is foe, and why, why should I continue. I need guidance, a direction, and a way to save my self...

And because of that, I have been reborn....

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katedadevil | 04-08-10, 9:23 AM
awww dun worry about it, september coming again xxD
I forgive all my friends <3

katedadevil | 09-10-09, 3:27 PM
♪~~You meet Katedadevil on you're way~~
♫~to you're futur
♪~~to The road to the sky
♫~~~Somewhere in the complex univers

Don't you want atleast to say Happy Birthday to her??~♪♫♪
It's is the 11 September

If Katedadevil Receive♫
5 messages: Then I have friends♪
10: Then I have good friends♪
15: You all rock♪
20: You all will be forever on my best friends list♪
21 and + I will be happy each time I talk to you♪

I wish you the best Happy Birthday ever!
~~Forever Grave into my Heart~~
Send this message to all you're friends and me and Katedadevil ♥

CCs_No1_Fanboy | 04-03-09, 9:07 AM
This is a petition for the official marriage between C.C and I, CCs_No1_Fanboy. I got the idea from Dr_Jan_Itor who gave me permission to make a petition for the official marriage. Please sign it. Thanks.

Please approve of the official marriage between Haruhi Suzumiya and Dr_Jan_Itor

Mr_Gutts | 03-12-09, 11:45 AM
can u send me a friend request

Mr_Gutts | 03-12-09, 6:00 AM

Mr_Gutts | 03-11-09, 8:06 AM
hi would u like to be friend

hikari-chan | 03-03-09, 4:19 AM

Kanashimi | 02-10-09, 11:52 PM
Alrighty, I go to work at 4:45 though and then I get off at like 9:30 just so you know.

Kanashimi | 02-10-09, 10:17 PM
I have a MAL bug so I can't use PMs, but yeah, I'm free on Sunday.

katedadevil | 12-25-08, 12:51 PM

Kanashimi | 12-24-08, 8:23 AM

anime4215 | 12-16-08, 6:41 PM
hehe ur welcome ^^ n im just relaxing -cough- for now lol since i just had my geometry final today =.= its easy but mes still HATES it :p

anime4215 | 12-15-08, 6:48 PM
lol thats good to knw (: soo.. how r u?

anime4215 | 12-14-08, 10:38 PM
thxs hehe n im very sowwy for not replyin in lik 7monthes :p -bangs head on the desk- lol u must hate me for replyin sooo LATE haha :D

Berlios | 11-21-08, 6:25 PM
Shit shit and more shit/drama lol and you?

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