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2 hours ago
December 2, 1994
August 21, 2012
735 (Find All)
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Sankarea add
Watching at 8 of 12
Obito no Hime to Kubinashi Kishi add
Reading at - of 4
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Time (Days) 8.1
Watching 84
Completed 61
On Hold 5
Dropped 0
Plan to Watch 146
Total Entries 296

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 2.7
Reading 18
Completed 7
On Hold 0
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Plan to Read 15
Total Entries 40

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Unknown :(

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3miL | Today, 3:40 AM

3miL | 08-05-14, 10:24 PM

looks like you rarely come here anymore

kitsune77 | 06-29-14, 11:20 AM
Hello DGA staff members! :3
Due to inactivity in the club I'm removing most of the staff, you can re-apply for your previous position, however as I'm trying to revive the club please only do so if you can be active in both the comments and your role, thanks for your help and I hope to see you in the club! :DD

-Rice- | 03-09-14, 9:46 AM
I borrowed his 3DS first to play Fire Emblem Awakening. I stopped playing Pokemon after Platinum came out, just Don't like the new Pokemon xD
But then I borrowed his PSP and PS Vita, because I really love the JRPGs that Are played on them :D

-Rice- | 03-03-14, 5:51 PM
Haha, yeah I dont come on often anymore either. Updating my lists and to check my comments and messages, respond then right off xP

Well, I've been doing great ^.^
Been having lots of fun for the past little while since my friend has let me borrow his handheld game consoles. Although lots of school work cutting into gaming time unfortunately :l

-Rice- | 03-03-14, 11:37 AM
Rice has come back to haunt you after. Like. 6 months xP

Still hve great Profile Pics as always. How're u doing nao? :O

DarkGhostKitty | 02-12-14, 5:50 PM
Would you like to join A tale of two worlds RP?
If you don't want to, that's fine, but if you're interested, we'll welcome you happily~!

3miL | 02-06-14, 7:28 PM

gimme a hug then ^_^

3miL | 02-05-14, 10:05 PM

damn it! you really hate me now don't you?

3miL | 02-05-14, 4:42 PM
Aww .. You're really distancing yourself now

and I can't seem to do anything about it unless I join huh!?

3miL | 02-05-14, 12:57 AM

where's the reply for the first comment?

3miL | 02-03-14, 10:40 PM
Rewatching accel world?

3miL | 02-03-14, 10:14 PM
But I won't be active like when we were in tsw

cuz I know u spend ur time there


3miL | 01-31-14, 6:42 PM
haha lol... yeah

ok.. then, I might ask again sometime then, rp isn't really my thing

3miL | 01-29-14, 9:25 PM
Well i.. *smirked*

can xD you in front of your gf or something XD

joke.. You know I'll.. Uhh

what can I do there?

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