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October 25,
September 8, 2011
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About Moekun
A someone who has always loved Nihongo, never gets tired in learning it but find it hard to improve my skill at some particular points. Despite being a fool in society (since I'm pretty much lacking sociability) and look moody-ish, I'm actually a friendly, talkative buddy. I guess it's a common outcome of being an anime/manga freak since grader; you'll become two-faced. Other than being a freak for anime/manga, I'm also a serious freak for anything CUTE. Be it humans, animals, or things like voices, clothes, accessories, etc. I've been like this since I was a child for crying out loud. :S
My favorite characters are either if it's not a male-moe (moe-shota, moe-bishie) then it's a fabulous-ikemen homo predator that'd constantly after my favorite moe butt's purity. I wouldn't like an anime if neither of the formers present in it.

/WARNING/ The following information is going to be so random and very biased, back off before you need to wash your eyes with some holy water.

/NOTE/ All the graphics bellow are done by ME. Do not steal and claim them as yours or using them in any websites without asking my permission+crediting me. Unless you want me to find and **** you.

.:My biggest fetishes:.

All parts in my favorite male-moe's body, traps, genderbent (male to female) with full-chested.

Especially these kouzos :


.: I'm a sucker at anime/manga's BROMANCE:.

And add this :

.:My Favorite Anime/Manga Pairings:.

.:And Yandere x Tsundere pairing is THE BEST PAIRING EVER:.

Natsuki x Shou (Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%
Matoba x Natsume (Natsume Yuujinchou)

.:Need more love for this pairing!:.

.: That feel : When your only bestfriend decided to copycat your only enemy:.

.: I'm a sucker at this angsty romance:.



Though the world is at a time when it should blossom,
the still-falling snow seems like it will continue to eternity.

It was said that the snow shall call forth the end.
That it will end evrything. That it is an abnomation.

In truth, this snow began erosing the world,
and slowly but surely began threatening people's lives.

However, he seven countries continued constant warfare,
and not even the unending snow could stop them.

A prophet in one of those countries said this snow was grief.
That the lord is grieving at the taking of human life by others.

There were many people who believed those words.
The snow had begun encroaching on people's hearts.

The people asked the Prophet if there was a way to stop that grief.
The Prophet replied that there was only one.

That if just one thing is eliminated, the world would continue on...

Hanashiro is SO MOE


My Favorite pairings in this game :

Tsubaki x Yue
Sagano x Yue

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bakaatashi | 04-16-12, 1:24 AM

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