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June 13, 1992
Tampa, Florida
December 2, 2007
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I'm a very lazy and absentminded person who easily gets frustrated with the ignorant.

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SlickDragon | 06-10-14, 1:49 AM
Good job with the Higurashi list, thanks alot Neighbor.

Placement | 11-29-13, 5:45 PM
Thank you again, I'm grateful for the list update.

While I was procuring the episodes I saw that Outbreak and Kira were too recent to place in your viewing order. It's nice of you to answer those questions as well.

For Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei, when you said "watch at your own risk" what do you mean by that? If I were to follow the list that wouldn't be an issue correct?

"I'm a little bit confused where to but this."
Just to point out a linguistic error, I think you meant "put" in your new edited list.

Placement | 11-28-13, 5:17 AM

Thank you for writing up the viewing order of Higurashi, I'll be watching it as you've stated.

olha2 | 11-14-13, 3:08 PM
o wow, thanks you verry mutch for evrything, imma plan to watch 2 shows more then imma start my rewatch,

arigatou gozaimasu

olha2 | 11-14-13, 2:19 AM
well i think i may have accidently skipped a part of season 2, so i think imma go find it, do you perhaps know what epsiodes it was when in de 2de season Jirou Tomitake dies by scratching his throat open, because i think that perhaps from there on out i started wtaching it wrong somehow,

olha2 | 11-13-13, 7:11 AM
oke so i asked because i found the anime confusing and did not understand it, can i assume that the correct order to wacth this show (yes i am saying that the order in which the anime is watched is the wrong one, if im wrong in saying this then that explains why we are having trouble understanding each other exactly) i have never played the games, so the last comment u posted is that the order in which the anime should be wacthed?

olha2 | 11-12-13, 9:16 AM
isen't this order the normal order? i seem confused, i mean if i look at what epsiode the are its the normal epsiode counter, evrything is normal?....

olha2 | 11-10-13, 5:17 PM
hello :)

i wanned to ask you'r help so:
i readed what u writed here:
and i was hoping u could tell me which arc happens which episode of which season
.p.s. i already watched the show 1 time in the order Mal tells me to

Ekureiru | 12-31-12, 5:07 AM
Been too long~ How're you doing?

(It's Soviet_Haruhi)

animeblader | 05-15-11, 11:48 PM
Hey there its been awhile i like your avi that anime is pretty good :DD

animeblader | 11-14-10, 8:06 PM
Yeah i like having the fan on though *smiles and hugs* oh i see i've been watching To Aru Majutsu No Index 2 not bad and The World God Only Knows is good and another anime called MM! thats funny xD i can't wait for january's anime <3

animeblader | 11-13-10, 6:03 PM
Thats good and it is really cold >.< i've been doing pretty well thanks what animes you been watching?

animeblader | 11-08-10, 1:11 PM
Hey there how are ya doing?

Ecko_Alucard | 10-27-10, 10:20 AM
lolz, ikr XDD

Ecko_Alucard | 10-27-10, 6:55 AM
lolz wtf XDD
u need time to make time XD

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