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College student, used to only watch long-running shonen series like Dragonball and Naruto, but then I realized... they're incredibly base and repetitive. So I got into One Piece, and that's now the new standard to compare shonen to. Unfortunately, that means my old favorite Bleach looks retarded now, but I guess that's progress.

I began to watch shorter series, beginning with some popular seasonal shows. I looked for highly rated anime when I stumbled upon a recommendation from a friend--ARIA. Before, I would've called this boring, but at that time, I was just coming into the domain of less action-y shows and more sentimental ones. This, of course, is when I joined online forums to get my discussion fix. That got me to Random Curiosity, which blogs the more current "seasonal" shows, and the rest is just me watching whatever looks good in the seasonal schedules.

At one point, I knew more Japanese than my friends. Those said friends got into anime after me, but took the initiative to take Japanese in high school, while I stuck with Spanish (which wasn't useful at all). I took two years of Japanese in college and now I'm hooked on stuff like Clannad, Geass, Gurren Lagann, and Hunter x Hunter. Man it's so good...

And here we are, five years into my "serious" anime journey (excluding the dubs I saw on Cartoon Network as a kid).

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X10A_Freedom | 08-03-13, 6:28 AM
Man, I remember the sky in Helsinki not being completely dark at 12am!

This week's Railgun was a true classic which finally went back to its roots. So much fun!

X10A_Freedom | 07-31-13, 11:10 PM
Ohhh, where did you go off to?

Well, this arc was pretty good to watch. Makes you think about the morals of cloning. Great to see Misaka grow as well. I'm really missing Kuroko + Saten + Uiharu in that order. Some great production values too. If only JC can keep this up with their other Index. :|

I wonder what the next Railgun arc is? Will it involve more ITEM since they've got that weird lab assistant girl captive? Misaki the Queen? Can't wait!

X10A_Freedom | 07-08-13, 1:44 AM
Looks like the currently airing Monogatari series with Senjougahara is a sequel to Nisemonogatari.

X10A_Freedom | 07-05-13, 3:25 AM
Chihaya's song indeed ;_;... Actually Aoi Tori, Nemuri Hime and Yakusoku were all absolutely fantastic and moving. Manly tears were almost shed.

That Taiwan thing comes complete with Tsuntsun, Tsundere, Deredere/Evil and Pure Evil. I'm at 14/25 and got warned by my dad that the comedy stops towards the final third of the series.

X10A_Freedom | 06-30-13, 6:02 PM
I really dig Nana Mizuki stuff so Symphofail is a special exception. Even through it's pretty much a guaranteed trainwreck. In a way, it's really funny watching these, especially with stuff like bullet proof boobs. I've watched iM@S as well and it had some really great bits, especially with Chihaya, although there were a few fails as well, such as Yukiho. On the whole, it was great fun all-around.

The Taiwanese live action is called "Office Girls" in English or 小資女孩向前衝 in Chinese. I'm pretty sure there are English subs around although I understand most of the Chinese since its simple.

X10A_Freedom | 06-30-13, 3:53 AM
I've moved back with family now and am keeping myself as busy as possible away from the laptop. Shingeki does interest me quite a bit due to the production values. Although Railgun S is pretty up there in that department as well which makes it pretty awesome to watch as well.

Summer 2013 is almost upon us and there isn't really any top priority show in there. Monogatari series does interest me somewhat due to it being Senjougahara-centric but the minus is that it is a re-telling of something that has already aired. Although if the first season is anything to go by, production values are going to be amazing. Then there's Symphogear G which is going to be guilty pleasure but too painful to follow weekly. So for now, it's Railgun S for Summer 2013. Everyone in my little MAL circle is going to be watching Faptunia Neptunia but again, I will be giving it a miss.

Non-anime wise, I've been hooked on a Taiwanese Live-Action which is basically like an anime in terms of acting and speech and it's a pretty long series with around 24 hours left to watch of that. Then there's 6-7 hours of Nana Mizuki backlog in terms of lives I've precured, but yet to watch.

So I have the problem of too much stuff to watch and I don't get how some people follow 10 series a week + marathon older series + play video games...

X10A_Freedom | 12-12-12, 4:19 PM
I'm not familiar with that series. Anything wrong with it?

X10A_Freedom | 11-03-12, 12:32 PM
Taling LB!, Little Busters! ~TV Animation Ver.~ is out. I am over the moon, love the guitars. Something felt lacking in the original song.

X10A_Freedom | 11-03-12, 11:01 AM
That gif is kawaii!

Go watch LB! already. :3

X10A_Freedom | 10-29-12, 6:20 AM
My ideal dosage is 3 weekly and the occasional marathon or OVA. I'm currently watching 4 weekly and got a huge backlog which I'm slowly going through at my own pace.

I am actually really enjoying ALO. They are building the world up well and I'm actually immersed in the virtual reality of ALO. If they keep this pacing up, I'll be very pleased. Although I do think the antagonist is made to look overly-disgusting and Kirito attracts a few girls too many like a magnet.

X10A_Freedom | 10-28-12, 5:43 AM
The Bamboo Blade character is a socially awkward introvert who is also of small build and kawaii. Her personality shares many traits with Alice, enough for it to be inserted as a joke in an Aria Drama CD. Seriously, BB is funny as heck and it's top-notch comedy/action.

I really do not have anything to blog about at the moment. I've taken a record load in anime and am basically too busy consuming entertainment, rather than producing things! I really had an instance of OCD with Aria and a quality blog entry would need that amount of mental anguish again.

...and that Kagura is supposed to be creepy.

X10A_Freedom | 10-26-12, 4:17 AM
Why is Nibutani such a perfect...biatch! I've always had a soft spot for these kinds of characters and it seems they are going the comic relief route with her, much like how Bamboo Blade handled it (a must watch for Alice fans). Nibutani has been a generic 'perfect' character and they could have made her 'perfect girl' a bit like Mugi. Nevertheless, Nibutani's 3-sidedness(!) should bring some interesting character dynamics and I cannot wait to see more.

I did the idols thing on my profile mainly to question a MALfriend's poor taste regarding his idols. I basically copied his profile, albeit with different idols for the same categories in order to express what I thought about his taste. I mean...his favourite is Iori, which says a lot! :P Anime Haruka and Game Haruka (watched a little on YT) gives off slightly different vibes and I prefer the anime version (not Xenoglossia!). Out of all the characters, I definitely liked Haruka and Yayoi the most because of their unselfish personalities. That said, he's de-idolized his profile now and Kintama's my fav show at the moment thus time for something new.

X10A_Freedom | 10-25-12, 8:22 AM
Chihaya is easily the best vocalist out of all the idols and episode 20 is simply a tear-jerker. I actually prefer the TV version of Yakusoku because of that. That 'perfect' joke is always used to wind up another of my friends who has since sold is soul to Iori (goodness knows why).

Drama and Psychological? You should give Psycho-Pass a try this season then. Typical Urobuchi Gen so far with the grim/dark. Wonder how he will corrupt and de-construct the characters this time... I noticed you're watching Chuu2. It's awesome this week. Nibutani is too hawt. :3

If the author of SAO was that young, his consistencies are maybe due to his own chuunibyou? I've heard good things about how the author had to make an apology/confession that he knew absolutely nothing about guns.

X10A_Freedom | 10-22-12, 6:04 AM
I'm rather bipolar about SAO. The style and presentation of the first episode gave us the impression of serious business but this has not been kept up. The storytelling has been shallow and the flow inconsistent. On the other hand, it's become very shounen in terms of plot twists and world mechanics. For those who like shounen, SAO is average to good but for the likes of me who wanted more of the episode 1 feel, it's pretty crap.

What are your thoughts on SAO?

And why is Chihaya so perflat?

X10A_Freedom | 07-17-12, 5:37 AM
I found the first episode of SAO to be an excellent introduction. The pacing was good and we got to know the mechanics of the game. The dialogue between Kirito and Klein really brought out their personalities which gave the viewer an excellent understanding of who they were.

The second episode felt rather abrupt. While it packed lots of good information and great action, my gut feeling told me the flow wasn't so good. While the quality was there, it was just rushed. Asuna's voice is excellent! We see Kirito is a really nice guy deep at heart but is personality/playstyle just doesn't allow him to help others, despite wanting to.

I never realised SAO was so hotly anticipated. I just picked it from the synopsis I read at the huge "Upcoming Summer 2012 Season" image from the Asuki forums and it caught my interest.

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