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September 19, 1987
January 5, 2011
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PrinceSaito | 07-30-12, 9:06 AM
Hey it seems you've read 'One Piece' (Manga) how was it?:)

vault2049 | 09-09-11, 7:57 AM
I'll have to disagree with the comment below: Sacred Seven can be entertaining. It's not that BAD, it isn't anything special either; you ain't missing out much but, who knows? You might enjoy it + excellent OP single (that became ED single).

Accelerating | 07-04-11, 6:54 PM
Don't watch Sacred Seven, man. It's bad. Like, BAD bad. Not even the "so bad it's good". It's "so bad it's horrible" levels of bad.

If you've seen Star Driver or Code Geass, save yourself the time and effort and don't bother with it.

vault2049 | 03-22-11, 9:50 PM
*Fixed! \o/

vault2049 | 03-19-11, 9:23 PM
Yeah, I've noticed that, in the last few days, the lag has been less and less frequent. Not that I'm actualizing my profile that much or watching anime everyday.

Good for you! I hope it get's sorted out soon.

vault2049 | 03-09-11, 8:08 PM
The hell?!

It's been more than 2 months since you joined MAL and your anime stats are still not showing at all?

vault2049 | 02-25-11, 9:11 AM
I actually did some adjustments to the image itself. Raised the eye intensity colour and turned the whole pic darker.

vault2049 | 02-24-11, 5:55 PM
Yeah, I stole it from him : P

It's Ichigo's last bankai phase. Cool stuff oWo

vault2049 | 01-31-11, 4:59 PM
Damn. I hope that get's sorted out soon.

vault2049 | 01-30-11, 3:37 PM
Hmmm... weird. You should report it to Xinil.

vault2049 | 01-29-11, 6:57 PM
So... how come your anime stats don't show any... stats?

vault2049 | 01-16-11, 10:26 AM

Oh, terrific. I always tend to do that diferentiation. Since I've lived in USA and in England as well.

vault2049 | 01-15-11, 8:41 PM
You tell me? I use the same nick everywhere.

I actually broke my leg last year while playing football/soccer. I just managed to fully recover from that. Anyway, hope you get well soon.

Nothing man, just chilling, watching some anime before going to bed. I think I just catched a flu : (

_ktx | 01-15-11, 3:47 PM
hi there! thanks for the add, you're the first one from ab to freind me here :3

vault2049 | 01-14-11, 3:21 PM
Hey! You are from AB, right? (aka amazing ZS avatar.) Thanks for the add man.

So, how is it going?

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