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06-08-14, 8:24 AM
February 3, 1984
Washington DC
September 2, 2008
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CP | 04-12-14, 1:41 PM
Oi, seems like you're still alive, Gleidus :-) Hope all is well.

cleo | 03-31-11, 10:05 AM
Yes, Madoka is awesome, but the wait is driving me nuts :P
I've been spamming the forums here with speculah to stay in the mood lol.

cleo | 03-30-11, 6:47 AM
Hey, you're still on MAL?

TwoSoxs | 11-15-09, 4:21 AM
Sure has been a while since I talked to you. Hope your doing ok?

Here's a little Short for ya

TwoSoxs | 10-31-09, 5:54 PM
Happy Halloween glei

TwoSoxs | 10-07-09, 9:36 AM
Nice find!
Very nice visuals and a WTF story. Reminded me of Kaiba, only better. Impressive how they managed to create an interesting story in only 11 minutes.

Another trippy one is Survival. You should check it out.

TwoSoxs | 09-06-09, 1:44 AM
W000t you've done it again.

I LUV Heroic Age *TS seal of approval*

Age the lead char is great. So naive and childish yet totally pwns when he transforms into Bellcross.

Tell me what to watch next XXD
And NO don't mention Lodoss Wars ^___^

TwoSoxs | 09-04-09, 10:21 AM
You were not kidding when you said Robot Carnival is surreal.

Has some severely weird and WTF short episodes :D

RakuenNoTobira | 08-13-09, 8:54 PM
I wasn't this year unfortunately. But I did manage to go to Artscape and see Cake!

ladysasuke | 08-04-09, 8:10 AM
Sounds like alot of fun.

Its so hot right now.

ladysasuke | 08-03-09, 3:38 PM
Everyone i told i was here said the same thing.

I miss everything and i been to dc went to the white house once when i was little. What did you do there at otakon.

RakuenNoTobira | 08-03-09, 11:30 AM
Hahah np brah np :B
Its straight :)

ladysasuke | 08-03-09, 8:50 AM
I haven't met that many people in my area yet?

N i didn't but i did go to a maid cafe in japan. Its so cool how everyone dresses there.

ladysasuke | 08-02-09, 5:19 PM
Hi thanks for the request.

How are you?

TwoSoxs | 07-30-09, 10:28 AM
Heyyy you still stop by here I see

Start watching 07-Ghost ^^

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