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October 26, 1986
July 9, 2008
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Face_Faith | 12-28-11, 5:04 AM

Please use CTRL+F and type your name to find your cards. (Note: The name in the URL depends on what name you wanted on the card(s)!)

Please tell me if anything is wrong; Deletion will be after 7 days from now.

narea | 12-20-11, 11:18 AM

If any problems occur, please leave a comment on my profile.

mirroro | 06-23-11, 6:59 AM
Join if you have profile on Deadman Wonderland ;DDD

Kasinika | 05-29-11, 2:10 AM

We have some new update!

  • We have now Official Member Card come on and get yours!
  • Also Why you like Yukari?

    Please dont forget be more active in club!
    (Sorry for spam ^_^")

  • Ruizu | 01-24-11, 9:54 AM
    Opa, td trankilo!

    É que há muito tempo atrás (e bota muito nisso), havia um fansubber (uma pessoa só) que só lançava os animes que legendava no fim-de-semana e ele usava essa sigla FFDS ao lançar os animes.^^

    Ruizu | 01-17-11, 1:07 PM
    Grande Hatsune Miku-san! Td blz?

    Então é vc o (ou a) FFDS (Fansubber de Fim De Semana)? xD


    dream9number | 12-19-10, 7:15 AM
    Arigatou ~ ; )

    dream9number | 12-19-10, 1:26 AM
    Nic pic o_o From which anime it is?

    zigfrid | 11-26-10, 12:18 AM
    fica tranquilo

    alias vc tinha usuário no forum do chrono?

    eu perguntei pois vira e mexe algum gringo me adiciona e não fala nada.

    zigfrid | 11-19-10, 3:55 PM
    aceitei vc como amigo, mas ainda não tinha descobrido da onde vc era, então vc é hatsunemiku do animetracker e haitou?

    alias tu é muié?

    ashuriskiss | 11-17-10, 7:43 AM

    Hi there everyone!
    If you’ve been keeping up you’ll know that Guardian’s Academy is up and running has had its first day of class. Well this message is to let you know we'll officially be ending the first day of class on this Sunday and starting out with Academy Club Days on Monday. Haven’t been RPing or haven’t made a character yet? That’s no problem, now’s the perfect time to start. Feel free to join in and have fun. The more RPers there are the merrier.
    Well that’s all for now and hopefully see you all at Guardian’s Academy!

    Dead-not_really | 10-26-10, 2:26 PM
    Happy Birthday!! =^_^=

    Lyfa | 07-12-08, 8:14 AM
    and just acepted the add

    Lyfa | 07-10-08, 11:35 AM
    Welcome to MAL^^

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