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09-05-14, 10:01 PM
October 16, 1991
Near Chicago, Illinois.
June 21, 2009
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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun add
Watching at 7 of 12
Galism: Renai Joutou 3 Shimai add
Reading at 20 of 28
Bijin Dorobou add
Completed at 1 of 1

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Time (Days) 63.4
Watching 39
Completed 136
On Hold 3
Dropped 2
Plan to Watch 295
Total Entries 475

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 40.5
Reading 240
Completed 218
On Hold 0
Dropped 3
Plan to Read 251
Total Entries 712

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Unknown :(

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About ExSxGURL16
hey, I'm 18 years old. I don't look it (I get told I look like I'm 12-15, I get carded all the time buying cigarettes for my mom) nor do I act it (unless I need to)
I love sports, video games, anime (of course), music, The sims3! hehe.
Uhm... I say random things at random moments, if I don't like something that a friend is doing I'll be honest, I'm very insecure with myself, my friends think I'm weird, and some times I wish I was someone other then me. . . . . .

BUT Thats all what makes me, me! =3

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chisaihoshi | 01-27-11, 5:33 AM

chisaihoshi | 12-05-10, 3:28 AM

sephlv7 | 08-26-10, 8:18 PM
lol I was going to start playing again but I lost my game...... like it deleted this family of 7 or something (I was doing the family aspiration)
I was so sad:( it took a week to build up that family
it's so funny though, after planning sims I'm really good at prioritizing things I need to do:D

sephlv7 | 08-14-10, 2:03 PM
lol, maybe having a relaxed environment for learning for a bunch of years allows you to get less stressed over schoolwork.... failed theory? ah who knows, anyways all home schooled ppl seem to be good with school;P
lol I haven't played much either, been busy with a few things:( but I always had a disturbing obsession with building houses
once I built my own house, it was pretty weird:D
ok then:D fairy tail is in my top 5 next to watch list I'm getting through it slowly

sephlv7 | 08-10-10, 6:39 PM
Ah one of my good friends was home schooled:D I couldn't imagine being homeschooled I have no motivation to do school work even when they give me a due date:(
lol I see you love sims 3, so do I..... I hijacked it from a friend since she got the expansion pack and played it all summer
btw, is fairy tail good? I've heard tons about it

louise | 04-23-10, 6:05 AM
if u like Hakushaku to yousei then please join our club

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