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05-28-14, 10:32 PM
May 3, 1989
Bradenton, Florida
January 19, 2008
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ainthemix | 03-10-10, 1:47 PM
Hello there. :D
I see you like Inuzuka Kiba from Naruto... Would you like to join his fanclub?

To do so, just click on the banner bellow.

Thanks, and see ya there. :D

NyhteAngel13 | 10-06-09, 2:09 PM
ok soooo I added a little more to it...but not much...I hardly ever get on here even though I made it t o help me keep track of

LoneWolfD | 08-24-09, 12:58 PM
Assuming you were able to see it this weekend, what did you think of Ponyo? I went to see it again with a friend of mine :).

Dub_Bleach112 | 08-22-09, 1:30 PM
I'm doing good jus watching anime what r you upto? =D

Dub_Bleach112 | 08-20-09, 1:15 PM
Hey =D
How are you? O.O

LoneWolfD | 08-18-09, 4:11 AM
Hey, just wondering if you've had a chance to see Ponyo yet.

LoneWolfD | 08-12-09, 1:01 AM
Cool list. We seem to share a love for Miyazaki. Can't wait for Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. :D

HaMaDa | 07-30-09, 11:40 AM
YO Yo yo!!,hows ya? hows the bussineus with u? =)
still remeber meh? :D

messup13 | 07-20-09, 10:03 AM
that hard one to dargonballz

messup13 | 07-20-09, 9:08 AM
hi whats your favoer anime

messup13 | 07-19-09, 3:43 PM

NyhteAngel13 | 04-30-09, 5:01 AM
RIKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *glomp* I foundeded you!!! I stopped being lazy-ish and actually signed on to yeae...*sigh* boredom makes ya do things...I'm trying to get of doing accounting as long as possible...OMG! I left my purse at youth group! I'm gonna die with not having it till sunday! which is why I have formulated a plan...*ninja like*...stay with you on Sat. wake up early Sun. walk down there...grab it and leave before I'm seen and forced to stay...then come back and watch the dogs whilst you miander all over freakin DISNEY!....sooo yea....tayl Riku...LOVE YOU!!!^_^

ReMiX | 04-27-09, 9:26 PM
no prob^^
u mind me sendin a friend request^^???

ReMiX | 04-27-09, 9:19 PM
oh my bad -_-

u look cool by the way^^

ReMiX | 04-27-09, 8:21 PM
hey nice pic who is it

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