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03-21-15, 7:07 AM
September 3, 1983
Sioux Falls, SD
September 1, 2008
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Diego_Costa | 05-17-13, 2:15 AM
Take it easy on him; he's from Decatur.

Which is where he has gotten in trouble EVERY time, haha. That place is a shithole. Big cat food factory right as you come across the bridge smelling up the place. smh.

Diego_Costa | 10-16-11, 9:20 PM

"Shakin'! Bakin'! And he makes it!"
Heisman run, baby.

Diego_Costa | 02-17-11, 8:10 PM
It's literally criminal behavior, haha. I mean, I had to live there throughout the entire season, and the worst I ever considered doing was getting some red toilet paper if we beat you guys. Which we didn't. :(

Diego_Costa | 02-17-11, 7:46 PM
I'm sympathetic toward the few who truly care about those oaks. The rest just want an excuse to rant and rave like self-righteous hypocrites. "How should we mourn the inevitable loss of our beloved trees? Let's throw more dead trees all over them!" Like covering a dying pig with bacon, man. Hopefully this ends that retarded tradition and a more sensible one replaces it.

I'm not saying it wasn't also retarded for that asshole to poison them(and then give out his actual nickname and residence while boasting about it). I'm just saying in the grand scheme of things, that guy wasted a couple trees. The "Auburn Family" has surely wasted hundreds, if not thousands since the rolling tradition began in the '60s. So there's not a lot of room to act morally superior like so many are.

Y'alls entire student body, past and present, participates in that dumb shit. We had one crazyass old man, who didn't even attend the university or live in Tuscaloosa, commit a crime for which the majority of that aforementioned student body is holding our entire student body accountable. Very rational reasoning and behavior. :/


Sorry, I know everyone's not acting like that. You're a shining exception. But most of my friends are behaving like children, and it's really annoying, haha.

samuraihime | 02-14-11, 3:58 PM
I see, always thinking in a negative light *smh* he's my favorite character in the movie and you love the movie and that's all there is to it.

samuraihime | 02-14-11, 12:31 PM
What do you mean you think? You love that movie haha and thanks

samuraihime | 02-13-11, 6:00 PM
Made me think of you hahaha

Diego_Costa | 01-29-11, 1:17 PM
Hahaha, that's radio in general. If it's not the same news stories over and over, it's the same songs and commercials over and over.

Invest in an iPod, my friend. Or at least a CD book.

Diego_Costa | 01-29-11, 9:43 AM
I'm never bored enough to listen to radio, so you have no one to blame but yourself, haha.

I was thinking about the QB comparison a little bit more, and to be fair, Rapistberger has quite a few advantages. Aaron Rodgers has one elite WR in Greg Jennings. Big Ben has two in Mike Wallace and Hines Ward. He also has a top tier TE in Heath Miller, something Green Bay lacks. And perhaps the biggest difference, Pittsburgh has a good running game behind Mendenhall that really helps balance out their offense. The Packers have zero run game, which makes it all the more impressive that Rodgers has been able to do what he has when defenses know he's going to drop back 85% of the time.

Diego_Costa | 01-28-11, 9:45 PM
Haha, you sound so butthurt. I watch a good bit of ESPN, and I haven't really heard them mention Favre much at all regarding Rodgers being in the Super Bowl. Just that he was still pulling for the Packers. And until AR wins a ring, of course Big Ben will be considered the better QB.

Diego_Costa | 01-26-11, 10:12 PM
I've become a pretty big Godgers fan over the course of the season, due in no small part to my hatred for Brett Favre and love for that belt celebration. I think it'd be pure poetry if he wins his first Super Bowl the same year Favre finally retires. I also really like their defense. Lot of fun to watch.

Certainly better than pulling for the rapist and the Pittsburgh Patriots, right? Either way, it's the Super Bowl! You gotta' watch. :(

Diego_Costa | 01-26-11, 4:25 PM
Two of the best defenses AND offenses in the league squaring off is boring?! You sir...are no football fan. This game could be akin to the one two years ago, which was by far the most entertaining of recent memory. I just hope the Steelers come out on the other end this time.

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