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12-20-12, 6:50 PM
August 4,
United States
July 25, 2008
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Asilva | 02-06-12, 1:21 PM

February 2012 Edition

Asilva | 01-08-12, 5:03 AM

January 2012 Edition

Majeh-Sama | 09-24-11, 9:51 PM

AkatsukigirlTy | 12-20-10, 9:10 AM

asarmo | 08-30-10, 11:06 PM
RIP SATOSHI KON- you are an inspiration to all who were blessed enough to view you films. you are my favorite director and i will forever watch your films and thank god that a mind like yours was put on our planet. i hope to view the dream machine one day...

asarmo | 08-03-10, 1:25 AM
very nice photos and i really like how your pictures are original. the color schemes are almost psychadelic like posters from concerts and bands from the 60's. very nice choice of color contrast and color schemes=)

asarmo | 07-09-10, 6:10 PM
try again one day. it might work... i also made one as a dedication to miyazaki you might like it. do you draw or anything?

arden_ruales | 06-24-10, 3:21 AM
hello im fan of hunter x hunter
join my club here is the link

asarmo | 06-19-10, 1:38 PM
A video i made to pay homage to the best anime ever...akira

Zhexic | 05-10-10, 9:17 PM
hm. true that. i stopped caring long ago. too bad i wasted $40 on study guides. o well. ill just give them away before i go to college. along with my genetics notes i took junior year since those are pretty useless to me now but they were helpful back then.

Zhexic | 05-09-10, 7:45 PM
hm... true that! haha. I was just going through all my emails that I never checked in my inbox... around 300 of them. yup. this is what i do instead of studying.

TheBitterPrince | 05-01-10, 2:38 AM
Here's your member card :)
Sorry for the delay..

sapir | 04-17-10, 10:39 AM
Oh my, why was your teeth pulled?!
and sorry about the late reply!
I'm not going online here much because I don't like the space here...

Do you want to talk in E-mails?
because then i would answer you fast ... if you don't want it's ok tho.

I had really good time in my vacation! that's so sad it has alredy passed..
I want more vacation T^T

Oh right! two weeks from now I'm going to to do a math exam about all the things we learned this year ><
waaaa how can I handle this !???

Any way, I'm going really nice with my violin!
will you be belive me if I tell you that Im playing only 7 months?! it feels so fast!
but I want the time will move as fast as possible so I would do a lot of things and I'll be a manga-ka!
Ha ha :D

asarmo | 04-08-10, 11:44 PM
Yea its def worth checking out. Its a funny and real chill spectacle to witness. The best part is seeing what new stuff is out and that you would otherwise never hear of and seeing whats popular in Japan is always good too=)

sapir | 03-20-10, 11:59 AM
Heheheh they really gave us a lot of homework but I have alredy finished most of them!
I still have 2 big projects tho ><
Ahhh I need to finish all fast! I want a vacation! . this holiday is called "Passover" and we clean the house and e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!
Its so tiring! all the day I tided my cloths and cleaned ~.~

Good for you! is it still snowing there?! cool!
Here its sometimes very cold and sometimes very hot ><
But today was cold :D Yey!

Do you know Pandora hearts?
I like the manga a lot! you should read it its interesting ;D

So what are you planning for your vacation?

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