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December 9, 2010
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Just interested in living Life to the fullest and spending my time well, even if it means sitting in front of an Anime for hours........... that was a joke.

Nothing much just here to have fun, get into the World of Anime and Manga (WAM) and meet new people and know other people's views.

Feel free to leave a comment behind, if you have a must watch plss do let me know.

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yui_iwisawa | 04-12-14, 9:21 AM
Yeah I'm watching the global WGM and I love it! I haven't really watched much WGM other than Eunjung's and also Lee Joon's but i really love Heechul's and Key's

What about you? are you watching it?

I've been good, how about you?

titi_odus | 04-09-14, 2:33 PM
I have been fine thanks. Just been very busy a lot lately so i only have time to just update my drama list and then sign off.

Its spring 2014 anime season so i am currently selecting the animes that i will be watching.

I hope you are getting enough rest from school and getting stressed out.

Luace | 04-04-14, 4:12 PM
Mir gehts gut : D versuche wieder mehr anime zu gucken, hab da im moment iwie echt lust zu ^^

und dir? was hattest du zu tun?

Kryppi | 03-29-14, 1:24 AM
Viel zu warm!

Kryppi | 02-26-14, 7:36 AM
Selber! (:

titi_odus | 01-18-14, 3:27 PM
hey, checking out your list (what do you mean you are only going to watch 30 animes this year :( thats not good enough)

you list looks alright (not too awesome but manageable)
i have only seen number 1, 2, 4,5,24-27 and 28
OMG you have to watch all the black lagoons (i mean season 2 and Roberta's blood trail) the story is not complete if you do not watch them.

One time i started watching code geass and brothers conflict but i dropped them cos i didn't like them.

yui_iwisawa | 01-13-14, 7:49 PM
Yeah me either xD
Well which couples do you like the most?

Ok thanks!!!

Happy new year !!thanks!! And i wish for an even better year for you ^^

TranquilKnight | 01-02-14, 8:02 AM
Happy New Year to you too :D

Luace | 01-01-14, 6:55 AM
Ich wünsch dir auch ein frohes neues Jahr : )

yui_iwisawa | 12-18-13, 4:33 PM
Oh i should finish that sometime, which season of WGM do you like the most??

hmm do you know where i could watch it??

Luace | 12-15-13, 10:22 AM
Ich auch *-*

Ich chill in den ferien immer total durch xDD Ich hab zum Glück nur noch eine am Mittwoch : D

Ja schon. Hab vor kurzen Nichjou zuende geguckt und sonst halt nur was grade neu in japan kommt, also airing ist ..

TranquilKnight | 12-13-13, 10:58 PM
Yep :D
Started and also put it on hold....distracted again xD

TranquilKnight | 12-10-13, 5:38 AM
Nope but I plan to start Clannad After Story tonight :)

Luace | 12-07-13, 7:15 AM
Ja waren ziemlcih gut eigentlich : D und bald sind ja schon wieder Weihnachtsferien <3
Wie waren deine so?

Kryppi | 12-01-13, 2:12 PM
Nein! (:

Btw, sry - hatte diesmal vergessen, dass ich noch nicht geantwortet hatte.. ;D

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