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01-09-15, 4:39 PM
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December 9, 2010
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yui_iwisawa | 01-15-15, 4:28 PM
Happy new year lol

Oh okay well i guess i will try that one then ^^

I can recommend some, my faves right now are: Arakawa Under the Bridge,Magi, Sword Art Online, Magi.

Oh well birth of beauty is really good, its one of my faves now :3

SerasAshley | 01-09-15, 4:27 PM
It's not that bad, I can handle it for the most part.

Quite a bit actually, and will be watching more as the winter shows become available.

Axelander | 01-05-15, 1:53 PM
Dir auch ein schönes neues Jahr :D

ich war mit ein paar leuten bei einer freundin von mir :D wo wir dann rein gefeiert haben
und du?

SerasAshley | 01-05-15, 12:26 PM
My bone was being held together with a plate and 6 screws so it could heal, but somehow a few of the screws have come loose, and a portion of my bone is off the plate. Now they have to fix that.

Yes I have, when it first came out.

SerasAshley | 01-04-15, 4:26 PM
I fell at work and broke my arm and had surgery, now I need another one.

SerasAshley | 01-02-15, 9:50 PM
Same to you, I hope that the new year brings you lots of good things!

I was sure you were busy, and I expect that to continue.

Ah so that is very ambitious, with how busy you are-good luck!

not married, and currently off of work due to injury .

SerasAshley | 12-23-14, 9:02 PM

yui_iwisawa | 11-26-14, 7:25 PM
My queen? what is it about?

What anime are you watching now?

lol so much for me, i have so much schoolwork and im also trying to watch as much anime as i can but i'm mostly watching dramas. have you watched Mary Stayed out all night,Emergency Couple or birth of a beauty?

SerasAshley | 11-18-14, 1:03 PM
Hey you! It's been awhile, and I thought I would drop by and say hello ^_^

How is everything going for you?

Axelander | 11-17-14, 2:27 PM
Mir gehts ganz gut : D war heute etwas erkältet, geht mir aber schon wieder gut!
und wie gehts dir? : )))
Ich find es übringens übel süß, dass du immer mal wieder an mich denkst <3 : D

Axelander | 10-25-14, 7:42 AM
: D Ich mag Tom Cruise

Ach ganz gut, erste LK Klausuren liefen super, Geschi ging so : D hab noch 2 vor mir

yui_iwisawa | 09-29-14, 7:17 PM
Yeah i"ve finished with it, and it was nice, it got the ending i expected ^^

I've watched some of it but not a lot yet, you've finished it right?

Are you watching any new dramas?

titi_odus | 09-05-14, 2:06 PM
i do use doramax regularly but it doesn't have any of the old ones. I do not use my phone to download, i'm scared of viruses so i stick to my laptop (i can control that better)

your work sounds really awesome. I guess you are too busy for animes at the moment.

I've seen everything on the list except for 3 animes
1 detective conan
2 Crayon Shin-chan
3 yu yu hakusho.

I feel so good that studio ghibli is 4/10 of the list. awesome. and some of my favourite anime that didn't make the top 10

IsolatedBliss | 08-18-14, 11:55 AM
Hey long time no see! How are you? We haven't talked in the longest time. I kinda just went off into oblivion lol. How are things?

Axelander | 08-13-14, 4:30 PM
*Hast du noch Ferien? sagt man : )

Ja, aber das hier ist meine letzte Woche. Am Mittwoch, also in genau einer Woche gehts wieder los mit Schule >>
Und was ist mit dir? : I

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