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May 14, 1992
April 26, 2011
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About -oresama-
ill start working on a proper layout soon but for now this has to be enough of a little self-intro xO :

age: 20 21 [im so old omg O_O scratch that, im even older now T_T and its getting worse!!]
gender: female
occupation: university, 5th semester + work outpatient care
country: germany
current games: league of legends, the binding of isaac, tera, hearthstone (always searching for new ones ;])

well thats it for now - likes and dont likes might follow later xP

btw feel free to add me im here to get to know many people because i dont have anyone to talk to about animes and stuff at my place so yeah v_v wont deny any friend requests as long as you talk to me, hehe n_n

UPDATE: just started playing DMMd and AWW MY GAAWWD!! HOTNESS!!! *___*
UPDATE II: searching for an english patch for the game Para-Sol because my japanese isnt that good anymore...if anyone has it, please tell me >.<

Waiting For:

- K 2nd season
- Kuroko No Basket 2nd season -> watching it, loving it :D
- Cencoroll 2
- Blood Lad Anime Adaption -> watching it :D
- DMMd Manga to be available online (or am i just too stupid to find it? :O)

My Comic List :D

Favorite OP/ED Of The Month

~under construction~

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~My Claims~
01-09-13, 8:37 AM Edited 10-13-13, 7:18 AM
~My Cards~
01-09-13, 3:12 PM Edited 02-25-13, 6:42 PM

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viibritannia | 04-15-14, 5:42 PM

Claim a Relation - April 2013
click here and check post #689.
Any problems please tell me. I am sorry for the late, I got assigned to it recently~

LittleRobin | 03-22-14, 1:09 PM
-✿- T.C.O Claim Delivery -✿-
Please check post #667

EtnaEraclea | 02-23-14, 4:27 AM
Hey dear! glad to hear u are not dead :P i'm not either. despite on what i could look like since i was offline for a few weeks between jan/feb XD;
Wow, that's great! That a friend was so nice to give u for free a notebook! Really kind! I'm so happy for u!
Sankyu for still hard working on the club, is really very much appreciated, plus the club still needs lots of help!

Apart from that i've been doing very very busy. February was the busiest month for me, that i had so far since i've been on mal, i had lots going on. On top of everything i got married on 3rd xD; that was also a big part of the reason as why i had no time for mal at all. Man it feels still so damn weird to say "married" or "wife", really damn weird. plus i feel older x-x which is not good.
Besides that, work has been busy as hell, between valentine and other shits going around @@" man. i wish i could get a break.
Good news is that i booked my honeymoon a travel for HELL YEAH JAPAN on july <3 so i look forward for that.
What about u?

YamiLoire | 01-28-14, 5:15 PM
Thanks for the banners and yup, you used the preferred name :3 though even if you'd used my current name, it'd not have been a problem so if you ever forget, don't worry about it :D

melrose | 01-19-14, 1:30 AM
Thanks for the banners! love them all :))

animelovinggirl | 01-16-14, 2:58 PM

TCO Claim a Couple }}February 2013{{

Check post #646

animelovinggirl | 01-15-14, 7:07 AM

TCO Claim a Couple }}January 2013{{

Check post #645

hireshi | 01-14-14, 6:43 PM
Ah, then I can understand.
I live relatively cheap.

anck-su-namun | 01-14-14, 2:35 PM
thanks much for the lovely banners^^

hireshi | 01-14-14, 1:59 PM
If you stay determined, saving isn't really that hard.
I remember some years ago, when I went to school, I saved only my stipend, and went to Thailand for a month.

hireshi | 01-14-14, 12:08 PM
Ahaha. I see..
Well, good luck then!

hireshi | 01-14-14, 11:34 AM
edit; read that wrong, you're going to their wedding?

hireshi | 01-14-14, 11:00 AM
I have friends here :)

hireshi | 01-14-14, 9:33 AM
Your time + 7 :)
More or less, yes :p

hireshi | 01-14-14, 9:05 AM
I'm just dandy too, :p
I've been sleeping, ah.

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