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KatakuriMojo | 53 minutes ago

*Apologies for the extreme lateness of these cards, but atleast they are finally here! :D*

Scarfs LE and Durarara!! LE Cards from Anime Familia

>>Cards<< | Scarfs LE Thread
>>Cards<< | Durarara!! LE Thread

Please Ctrl+F to find your cards, save and rehost!
If there are any sort of problems, please don't hesitate to let me
Enjoy your cards! :D

SirJoker | Yesterday, 6:36 PM

Miyuki- | Yesterday, 6:06 PM
You guys should head over and get these questions!!
Take all of them go go go!!
clicky clicky

also we need to step it up with assassins :DD

Tatsuta-Hime | Yesterday, 11:05 AM
Hello there hun, sorry to bother you.
The third picture for your second Female Character claim is deleted from the hosted site. When you have time please fix it. Thank you. ♥

Also, if you can please provide a second image for your first Female Claim for backup! :3

-Luzifer- | Yesterday, 7:48 AM
D'awww *zur Flugumarmung ansetzt, losspringt und dich mit voller Wucht umreißt* Vielen lieben Dank <3
*erstes Klicks* xDD Allein scho der Text ist Gold wert, aber die Qualität ist einmalig, Hut ab... dan kann gar nichts besseres kommen! *zweiter Klicks* ... ... ...ok, ich hab mich geirrt! Viiiiielen vielen lieben Dank, Tama <3
Und klar, er ist doch eigentlich ein ganz Lieber ;D

Hagarn | Yesterday, 1:12 AM

Im_numbers | 07-21-14, 5:41 PM

SirJoker | 07-21-14, 4:51 PM
OOOOH nice nice >[]<)b

here< is ur reward desu >w>)

SirJoker | 07-21-14, 4:29 PM
boo boo! thats not the right answer
their 4th friend was?? ... hai dozo i let u guess again

Kosurin | 07-21-14, 2:46 PM
Thank you! ^^

SirJoker | 07-21-14, 2:41 PM

Miyuki- | 07-21-14, 10:27 AM
OH oops. wow my bad. i shall go apologize to them xDD nah i should have read it

lol no problem :) I approve of you always claiming miyuki for me <33 xDD i just cant accept the 3rd years graduating yet *sniff sniff* wait are you reading DnA?

tsubasa_ | 07-21-14, 9:53 AM
ich wollte ihr gerade schreiben da hab ich deinen kommi gelesen ^^ kein Problem :D danke :D

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