Matsumoto, Rie

Matsumoto, Rie

Given name: 理恵
Family name: 松本
Birthday: 1985
Member Favorites: 37
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Fresh Precure!
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Fresh Precure!
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Futari wa Precure: Splash☆Star
add Assistant Director (eps 2, 5, 8, 10, 16, 18, 20, 23-24, 28, 30, 33, 36)
Heartcatch Precure! Movie: Hana no Miyako de Fashion Show... Desu ka!?
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Kekkai Sensen
add Director
Kekkai Sensen
add Sound Director
Kyousou Giga
add Director
Kyousou Giga (2012)
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Kyousou Giga (TV)
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Kyousou Giga (TV)
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Kyousou Giga (TV) Recaps
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Marie & Gali
add Episode Director (ep 1)
Marie & Gali
add Storyboard (ep 1)
Precure All Stars Movie DX2: Kibou no Hikari☆Rainbow Jewel wo Mamore!
add Storyboard
Precure All Stars Movie DX3: Mirai ni Todoke! Sekai wo Tsunagu☆Niji-iro no Hana
add Storyboard
Saint Seiya Omega
add Episode Director (eps 3, 10)
Saint Seiya Omega
add Storyboard (eps 3, 10)
Yes! Precure 5
add Assistant Director (eps 1, 4-6, 9, 11, 18, 21, 26)
Yes! Precure 5
add Episode Director (eps 14, 24)
Yes! Precure 5 GoGo!
add Episode Director (eps 10, 23, 36, 45)
Yes! Precure 5 GoGo!
add Storyboard (eps 10, 23, 36, 45)
Yes! Precure 5 Movie: Kagami no Kuni no Miracle Daibouken!
add Assistant Director
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amplified | 05-17-15, 7:46 PM
She's also great as a Sound Director.

Sanguis | 05-15-15, 4:30 PM
I absolutely dig her style! Really want her to succeed, could use more visually appealing directors like her.

Koybz | 05-14-15, 5:30 PM
That's fair enough. It may seem very shallow of me, but for anime in particular, I place quite a lot of importance on visuals, creativity and the directors ability to make the generic and overdone seem refreshing and exciting. I'll always appreciate a well told story with characters that develop realistically over the course of its duration, but with anime and animation in general, possibilities are only limited by the creators imagination (well, other than budget and time restrictions, of course) and it's a shame that anime can often feel like carbon copies of each other visually. This industry is pretty much begging for creative and talented people with a real vision and I think it's nice to see someone fully utilize the advantages that animation has to offer that might not be possible to do in other media.

You say they're annoying, but to me, they bring life to the scene and keep things from becoming visually stagnant. Bettering is a funny word and incredibly subjective, but I feel as though she's doing that right now with Kekkai Sensen. It's a shame that you've already dropped it (though if you didn't enjoy the first episode at all then you wouldn't enjoy the rest), as Matsumoto and the script writer working with her have really impressed me with how well they've implemented the normally infamous anime original content into the series. As a quick example, the chapter being adapted in episode 5 had the theme of relationships and love, so in order to move the anime original plot along, the new material matched the manga's theme by focusing on the developing relationship between the protagonist and his anime original love interest giving the episode a very natural flow.

If you don't like the genre in the first place then it would take someone really special to keep your interest without completely overhauling the source material or having elements of genres you do like in the it and I don't Matsumoto is that good yet.

vodall | 05-14-15, 3:53 AM
@koybz I don't care about visuals unless I think the thing in question is good. Wacky camera angles are just annoying when she could focus more on bettering the screenplays given to her. It's not just a problem with Kekkai Sensen, though-- it was a lot worse in Kyousougiga.

I dunno. Maybe I shouldn't expect much from someone who directs supernatural action anime. Maybe she's good at it, as you say. I don't like the genres, so I can't really judge her actions any further.

NotJizzyHitler | 05-12-15, 3:46 PM
@ztsu, id say she has way more of her own style than shinichiro wattanabe, the people who replicated shinichiro wattannabe's style are his 2 protegees

zetsu_shoren | 05-12-15, 3:14 AM
I can't believe it

She replicated Watanabe Shinichirou's directing

Kaoreen | 05-10-15, 5:22 AM
I like her style. Kekkai Sensen sure is a crazy ride. Might try Kyousogiga too.

Linwaumei | 05-02-15, 10:26 AM
I need more I need more

NotJizzyHitler | 04-30-15, 7:26 AM
I really can see her becoming one of my favorite directors when she has more of a catalog of shows, she has a very distinct style and so far both kyousogiga and kekkai have captured me instantly by that said style.

zanearaki | 04-28-15, 10:25 PM
kekkai sensen is my new popcorn <3 thank you for being such a crazy director! (this is meant to be a sincere compliment)
Since I think, normal people wouldn't have an awesome life to begin with. But those with crazy visions do! Très bien!

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