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Threads of Time (Manhwa)

Threads of Time

Alternative Titles

English: Threads of Time
Synonyms: Sal rye tap, Sal-Le-Top
Japanese: 살례탑


Type: Manhwa
Volumes: 11
Chapters: 46
Status: Finished
Published: Dec 7, 1999 to Sep 4, 2003
Authors: Mi, Young Noh (Story & Art)
Serialization: JuniorChamp


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In both mangas, the main character gets thrown back in time for a specific purpose which gets to be revealed later.. both include war, romance, revenge, great characters and brilliant plots that offer great reads for MAL users who love this genre :)
Due to the manner in which the past-lifing issues get resolved in the two, they could be viewed as opposites, to a certain extent. Where as in PSME nothing could be done about the past in the past itself, ToT differs because its story gets told via the perspective of a time-traveling kid in need of much karmic suffering (from 1999), during the 13th century.

Reincarnations, past sins, shadow vs light love triangle woes - the two share all of the good bits. And, like the other series dealing with past-lives that I've read, the level characterisation makes it impossible to stop reading them... unless you're called Tumerking.
Both reincarnations and time travel to the warring Mongolia "khan" era or whatever it is called
Both are about wars and both are historical. The plot line may not be entirely the same but both the main characters are from the modern world that were sent back to the past. Unfortunately, both are slow at first but picks up later. You have got to read them! They are both quite enjoyable. I don't know why so few people read them...
both stories play out in japan of medieval times and center around a young warrior and his struggles. also, the feel of reality is high, though it's not gore the violent and insecure circumstances of living at that time are still depicted more accurately than in other historical manga
the art styles are kinda similar, too - i liked it a lot
-they almost have the same feel to them... -2 guys fighting over one girl -one of the guy have known the girl for a long time -setting of the both manga have some kind of war going on -both have something have to do with the past
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These two Manhwa's are similar for several reasons. Legend of Nereid, and almost the whole story from Threads of Time are placed in a society or a cultural setting from roughly 1 millenium ago.
Eventually you could say both of the stories are about a normal teenager that excels in armed combat practice, who later on will be dragged down to the battlefield.
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When considering going on vacation, jumping 100's of years into the past to the times when the Mongolians were invading and conquering all wouldn't be ideal. But that's what happens in these two: the respective leads finding themselves right in the middle of hellish warfare. Naturally, there are romantic subplots and duels to the death with swords... what more could you ask for?

Since King of Wolves was drawn by Berserk's author, wrote by FotNS' author and shares obvious similarities to Threads of Time, it's best described as a blend of the three. (Thankfully, only the FotNS LARGE man thing got added from that. Far more similar to Berserk.) Threads of Time is where it's at if you're looking for a well-developed story with a killer twist, rather than lots of fighting, though.

In King of Wolves you even get to learn the TRUE identity of Genghis Khan. How awesome is that? The info even made watching Kurozuka seem somehow more worthwhile.
A teenage boy gets sucked into the past. Fate does exist, and he has a important role he has to fulfil. Amatsuki is a manga placed in the Edo era. The manhwa Threads of Time is placed in the era of the Mongol invasions in Korea.
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They're both 11 volumes long.
They were both licensed by Tokyopop.
They are now both OOP.
They are both owned by Aion. (This makes Aion happy.)

Also, they're both war epics heavy on main character growth. After seeing loved ones die and - in the case of ToT - raped, the two respective leads experience the hardships of war first-hand; killing in order to survive and eventually becoming leaders.

ToT is the more realistic of the two because, where as SIII is an adaptation of a JRPG, ToT depicts the Mongolian invasion of Korea and all of the 'spoils of war' taking / raping / slaughtering that occurred in reality. I'm happy to report that younglings do get murdered in both, but ToT is definitely the more difficult to stomach.
Both are supernatural adventure mangas that take place in historic Korea. The main character in both mangas is a tough guy tied down by his past in some way. The story lines in the mangas are epic and original. With either manga you read you don't lose! XD