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D.Gray-man (Manga)


Alternative Titles

English: D.Gray-man
Synonyms: D. Gray man, D. Grayman, D. Gray-man
Japanese: D.Gray-man ディー・グレイマン


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: May 31, 2004 to ?
Authors: Hoshino, Katsura (Story & Art)
Serialization: Jump SQ


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Apr 30, 2008
I first got into D. Grayman out of curiosity because a lot of my friends were reading it and gushing about it. I expected it to be just another basic shonen title with little to captivate me, but I quickly found out that I was wrong. The first volume hooked me like none other, and I found myself with an obsession warranting catching up to the Japanese release on scans. Anyone that knows me (which isn't many of you) knows that I hate reading scans for many reasons, but it was a necessity for D. Grayman because I couldn't wait for the volumes to come read more
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Mar 8, 2008
Another misundersanding here, but why is this manga not reviewed?! Second review for manga! Here it goes!

Story: There are stories where we can skim over a few chapters and still understand what's going on; there are stories where we can skim over a few volumes and still get what is happening. D.Gray-Man doesn't fall into either category. If you miss even two- three pannels at first, if that subject rises up a again, you will be lost. Everything is thickly intervoven; you won't find mentions of something just random, and you won't find side-plots ending up with a dead end (in turn with you wasting read more
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May 3, 2009
There is something strangely compelling about D.Gray-man. Perhaps it is the cast of characters that grows, not one obviously faster than the others, but together, or perhaps it is the emotional rollercoaster the mangaka has managed to take the readers on.

But whatever the case, D.Gray-man has this mysterious air about it, this feel of something apocalyptic and yet real, as though the characters are losing while it is clear that they are winning. [But are they winning? Winning? Or losing?]

There is something about D.Gray-man that makes you think, that makes you wonder, and that makes you shocked and surprised at the littlest of things.

The main read more
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Jun 30, 2009
there is something about this series that i find very captivating. before i started reading/watching this series i remember one of my online friends mention it every now and then and she seemed to really like it. even so there was still something that kept me from trying it and i fully regret that now because there is not much about this series that i can't appreciate.
ok let's get down to business now. let's start with a story. when i first heard the basic story of humans vs. demons what i thought was "this doesn't seem like a very original story and i read more
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Jun 3, 2011
D. Gray-man was a series that I got into because my friends often talked about it. However, the first few chapters did not disappoint me, so I kept reading.

While the feeling of "this is your destiny, find these items" has been used time and again, D. Gray-man does bring some interesting spins. However, this does not ignore the difficulty of such a broad thesis, so to speak. I think that Hoshino realized rather belatedly that it's difficult to keep the reader interested in a manga that will go on for quite a while. There are 109 or so Innocence; the Order read more
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Nov 6, 2010
This is my first review, so I apologize if it's not very clear or has any other problems. Now onto the review:

Story 7:
The manga started off great and the story was very pulling and imaginative. The wealth of characters and the different types of weapons/enemies in the manga made it very enjoyable. Although it followed a somewhat streamline shounen storyline as the main character achieves more and more power-ups as time goes on, the philosophical and religious perspective of the story added more depth than what most other similar mangas have. I loved the story a lot until the more recent read more
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May 11, 2011
Despite the fact that this story begins as a typical good vs. evil plot, the story thickens, twists, elaborates, and eventually becomes a huge web of gray. One of the previous reviews states that the main villain is inherently and undeniably 100% evil. If the reader simply invests into the series, there will doubts. D.Gray Man has proved itself to be unique and compelling. The story line may begin as standard, but evolves onto a whole new caliber.

The art is very appealing to those that enjoy detail. The style consists of handsomely created main characters that are set in juxtaposition with the Gothic 'Akuma' read more
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Dec 31, 2011
~ My Feeling For This Manga
When I First Reading The Manga D.Gray man From Vol 1, I Was Like Hmm... The Cover Looks Really Nice
- At First It Seems Like Kinda Boring In The Few Chapters But I Keep Reading Cause I Was Like Pfft. I Know This is Really Nifty Manga Ima Keep Reading
- In Secs The Action Made The Think It Was Like Bleach, After One Hour I Was Like Wow.... Im Already Finished With The 3 Books I Have In Rl
So I Keep Reading And Reading On Internet Cause I Only Had The 3 Vols In RL
Until Then I Was already On read more
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Feb 1, 2010
D.Gray-man has the most common elements of shounen manga. The main character has a rare and special ability, he had a hard childhood but is still a kind person. There is a clear line between good and bad, a large group of supporting character and a lot of action.

And even though this manga has all of this, it's different from the most popular shounen mangas, and much better than them.
First of all... It's hard to believe, but yes, this story has a plot. Not just separate sagas and fights, but also a clear pattern of cause and effect. Defeating one enemy after the other until read more
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Apr 2, 2013
I can't remember if this is one of the cases where the Anime ended prematurely causing me to start reading the manga. But regardless D. Gray Man has lost me over the past few years. Many of the chapters seem to jump in time and location making the already confusing story line even more difficult to follow. Who is bad and who is good becomes frustratingly unclear as the story moves from a simple black and white to one huge conspiracy theory.
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