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05-07-12, 2:00 AM

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Chapter 22. Light novel 6, chapter 2.
Ore no imouto light novel is also popular in Korea. I am Korean and I can read and understand Korean characters. Since oreimo light novel forum is isolated from anime of oreimo, i am just going to fill all the chapter discussion from oldest to latest.
I am also going to copy and paste chapter summaries with source.
I read all the oreimo light novel from oldest to latest. I will be buying the latest one when it comes out.
Whenever Japan release a new book, it takes roughly 2~4month for Korean to translate it into Korean. So whenever they release a new novel in Japan, it will take me 2~4month to get it and read it. Kinda sucks that i have to wait 2~4month but its worth the wait haha.
IF you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
Disclaimer: I did not summarize the book. All the summary i post is owned by the source owner below.
Only credit you should give me is uploading pictures and sharing this awesome summary with you all :)

Light novel 6, ch 2
One day, Kyousuke is looking a little down and his osananajimi Manami asks him what’s wrong. Although Kyousuke doesn’t want to admit it, it all boils down to the fact that he was expecting his relationship with Kirino to improve after he “saved” her and brought her back to Japan, but there’s little progress in their relationship. Kyousuke insists once again, however, that even if he felt lonely without Kirino, he still hates her, and vice versa.

Manami however says she doesn’t think Kirino hates him that much – Ayase -who surprisingly became a friend of Manami’s- told her that Kirino had been talking a lot about Kyousuke recently, much to Ayase’s chagrin.

Meanwhile, well, it’s not my case, I admit it, but it seems that for most guys there comes a crucial time in their lives when they visit a sex shop for the first time. Akagi Kouhei, a friend of Kyousuke, who we met in volume 4 when, during the night sale at Akihabara, he bought a yaoi game for his fujoshi sister, Sena. He didn’t turn out to be gay, but rather a siscon… while his sister is a brocon. Nice combo.

But Akagi isn’t only going to take a look at the sex shop. He wants to buy a present… for his sister. You aren’t actually going to give her a ■■■ (beep), asks Kyousuke, meaning obviously something like a dildo. Of course not! replies Akagi. Like I could! I want to give Sena-chan (that’s the way he calls his sister) something way healthier. Bondage goods (Whether the excuse he gives, that she needs it as reference for her doujinshi, is true or not, is up to the reader!)

After Akagi buys the bondage goods for his sister, they head for the dreaded “Sex Dolls” section, a display of Japan’s finest technology, with dolls that look just like a real woman… the only problem is the price – from 600 dollars to as much as 10000 dollars… Suddenly, Kyousuke finds a meganekko doll with huge breasts that looks just like Sena. When he mentions it, Akagi is really angry but after realizing the doll does look like Sena it’s not long before he starts thinking about saving up money to buy it…

After their sex-shop adventure, they head for a McDonald’s. Suddenly, Kyousuke asks him: “What is your sister to you?” His reply is quick: “An angel“. Isn’t it the same for Kyousuke? Kyousuke doesn’t think so, but this leads to the realization of what it was like when Kirino was born and, after all, whether you hate your sister or like her, it becomes your task to look after her. After all, Kyousuke does hate Kirino and Kirino does hate Kyousuke, as we’ve been reminded all along, but Kyousuke has looked after Kirino nonetheless.

By the way, Sena was there, behind Akagi, all the time. But well, she’s a brocon too, so she shouldn’t be too angry about it. As usual, however, the fujoshi asks Kyousuke and Akagi if they are on a date.
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