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AccipiterF1 | 10-10-10, 6:21 PM
Cool. Looking forward to it.

Heibi | 10-10-10, 5:13 PM
Yes, once we finish the series. I already have the DVD. We may not be first, but we will, I can guarantee it. It'll be standard unless I fins a blu-ray I can use. I'm not set up to do blu-ray rips. The blu-rays I'm using for the series are from my encoder who found a way to get them.

AccipiterF1 | 10-10-10, 4:50 PM
Is CA going to do the Movie, Heibi?

Heibi | 10-03-10, 9:24 AM
The picture quality is amazing. I work on the standard DVD versions first when I start on each episode and am always amazed at the difference.

Heibi | 10-03-10, 9:22 AM
well, 1280x720 I mean

Heibi | 10-03-10, 9:21 AM

Shiroth | 10-03-10, 8:50 AM
I keep meaning to ask. Are the Blu-ray's 1080p?

Meli-Chan | 09-28-10, 2:59 PM
Nyan Nyan Service melody karaoke

Heibi | 08-31-10, 6:35 AM
Finally, blu-ray versions of 2-4

Heibi | 08-29-10, 9:07 AM
And the standard DVD versions of 5-6

Heibi | 08-29-10, 9:00 AM
Here's the blu-ray versions of 5-6. Finally got the issue of blu-ray for 2-4 resolved and should have them ready on Tuesday or so.

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