Babes in Fightland

A club dedicated to all those chicks who love to fight.

Yeah....Swords and panties, tits and fists, buttcheeks and butterfly kicks.
Ecchi and Martial Arts...its a seductive and deadly combination.

Female samurai, ninjas, martial artists, street fighters, pilots, soldiers, aliens, androids, cyborgs, half-breeds, vampires, witches, mages, and furries are all welcome.

If anyone has any ideas for the Babes in Fightland club then by all means let me know. Also, if anyone would like to volunteer to make sigatures and a banner that would be great too.

Keep in mind ladies and gentlemen, after this club reaches 600 members we will start having picture battles.
After six months, we will have another picture battle.

'Babes in Fightland' Official Mascot of 2010:

The Fighting Babes Bi-monthly Tournamment Official Results:

The Fighting Babes Bi-monthly Tournamment Information:


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Club Discussion
Sticky: Claim a Fighting Babe
16 replies by thatbitchisdead »»
08-22-12, 7:40 AM
Who is your favorite fighting girl?
4 replies by InnerMokaLover »»
12-19-10, 8:20 AM
Poll: The Fighting Babes Bi-monthly Tournamment is now Closed until the last two weeks of October
5 replies by Yuri-Hime »»
08-27-09, 3:44 PM
Fighting Babe Tournamment Primaries (now closed)
6 replies by ShinobiX »»
08-22-09, 9:34 AM
If you had to fight a babe...
7 replies by Kei-Kun808 »»
08-17-09, 9:46 PM

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Club Comments
um_esper | 01-13-10, 4:52 PM
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!...everybody mudwrestle!!!

hentaineko | 09-01-09, 5:45 AM
Alright! My dear Kan-san won! :3

Kvakond | 09-01-09, 1:14 AM
Kanu! Kanu! Kanu!

EtherealMerc | 09-01-09, 12:22 AM
The Fighting Babes Bi-monthly Tournamment Official Results:

The Winner of the Fighting Babes Bi-monthly Tournamment for September and October is Kan-u Unchou from Ikki Tousen is the official winner with 5 votes!

Pictures, weblinks, fanfiction, fanart, video clips, manga clips, and other art will be allowed in the forum posts for Kan-u Unchou from Ikki Tousen, the official winner of the Fighting Babes Bi-monthly Tournamment.

EtherealMerc | 08-28-09, 12:29 PM
Shimei Ryomou from the Ikki Tousen series 2 votes
Kan-u Unchou from the Ikkitousen series 5 votes
Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 3 votes
Clare from Claymore 2 votes
Teresa from Claymore 3 votes

EtherealMerc | 08-27-09, 12:09 PM
Shimei Ryomou has 2 votes
Kan-u Unchou has 3 votes
Yoko Littner has 3 votes
Clare has 1 vote
Teresa has 1 vote

EtherealMerc | 08-27-09, 11:10 AM
Kan-u Unchou from the Ikkitousen series is in the lead with three votes!!!!!

Kei-Kun808 | 05-31-09, 6:17 AM
lolz a revival attempt? awsum~ good luck~!

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