People for the Ethical Treatment of Jellygooses
and also World Domination

If you...

  • Agree that jellygooses should have the same basic rights as anyone else in the society.
  • Feel that anyone, regardless of sex or race should be allowed the same right to vote.
  • Are fed up with the way society treats minorities.
  • Think that it is unfair for certain job-applicants to be turned down purely based on the color of their skin or the shape of their appearance.

Then this is the club for you!

For years, jellygooses across the world have been looked down upon and laughed at but NO MORE!

NO MORE shall the jellygooses have to suffer because he or she was born a jellygoose!

Join the revolution today! together we can change the world to a better place for everyone, humans and jellygooses alike!.

I don't know what a jellygoose is!

I read everything but I'm still not sure if I wanna join!

What have the character relations got to do with the jellygooses?

Current goals:
World domination
20 members
Hamster army
10 members

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Club Discussion
Potential jellygoose
0 replies by Jellygoose »»
01-21-09, 7:36 AM
welcome to our first member!
1 replies by freidrichi »»
10-27-08, 2:01 PM

Club Comments
Jellygoose | 03-07-12, 6:53 PM
We're nearing 20 members now, at which point our quest for world domination will begin and our hamster army will take to the fields !

Rest assured, victory is certain and it will be glorious.

YeaY | 05-27-11, 1:43 PM
So has the lord foretold, the return of the Bearjew!

Jellygoose | 03-21-09, 5:36 PM
Together we shall make history !

saka | 03-20-09, 4:08 PM
Perhaps my hamster army can be of assistance.

Commander of Cricetus Legions

Jellygoose | 01-20-09, 9:01 AM
a Jellygoose may at times, when it feels like, take other shapes than jellygooses. Thus we can never know who is really a Jellygoose and who isn't.

What this means is basically that there is a good chance of any awesome character being a Jellygoose, which is why I have included all potential Jellygooses I've found so far in character relations.

Trough widely acknowledged scientific means I've estimated that about 98.7% of the characters in Character Relations are actual jellygooses. However, since we have no way of knowing who is one and who isn't, I will leave the list as is.

YeaY | 01-12-09, 8:04 AM
The Character Relations are all bonkers, none of them are a Jellygoose! (And the Anime Relations as well).
I suggest to remove those, and replace them with Anime that have Jellygooses in them.

freidrichi | 01-08-09, 6:19 AM
Wait, what, 10 members!
Time to form plans for world domination.

Jellygoose | 01-06-09, 2:14 PM
6 members! soon our current goal of 10 members is reached and the path to world domination will open...

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Members: 17
Pictures: 4
Category: Other
Created: Oct 3, 2008

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Jellygoose (Creator)

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This is a public club. Anyone can join and invite others to join.

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