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Frost_Kiss - Aug 28, 2014
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Club Comments
cockaine | Oct 4, 3:16 PM
Holy cheese! Marks calendar like the oh gets rocked.

PinkPetals | Oct 4, 9:42 AM
Haha ;3 you'll get to know them sooner or later lol

I just realized Dance with Devils starts airing on Wednesday. Yay :3

rosasinensis | Oct 2, 2:05 PM
Of course! ~*proudly huffs chest*~

The only DL character I'm quite well verse with is Ruki (for obvious reason). :D :D I'm still at 'getting to know each other' stage with others though LOL :D I just recently knew that Yuuma was the tallest of the Mukami's. ~*sighs*~ I need to dig up more :D

PinkPetals | Oct 2, 5:13 AM
LMAO you sure did your homework XDD

I like soups :P in fact I ate a delicious soup 2 days in a row (I still have some left so I put the rest of it in the freezer)

rosasinensis | Oct 1, 10:35 PM
Yes I've noticed that. When their family business collapsed, their servants stole things from their mansion and beat him up also for getting back at what he had done at them. His father committed suicide and his mother ran off with her secret lover. When he was sent to the orphanage some kids mocked him because an aristocrat like him ended up poor and Azusa, Kou and Yuuma are the only ones who were kinda nice to him... Am I right??? LOL :D

I forgot to mention that he's actually a good cook! Kyaaaaaa! ~*extreme fangirl mode on*~ I'm not fond of soups though :( Do you like soups the way Ruki likes it??? :D

PinkPetals | Oct 1, 12:48 PM
Haha it makes him look like a French person XD
I don't think Kishio Daisuke (Azusa's VA) knows how to speak French lmao

PinkPetals | Oct 1, 12:45 PM
The thing is, only the Tsukinami brothers are able to shapeshift. Neither of the Sakamis nor Mukamis can shapeshift into anything (The Mukamis were originally human). So my guess is that it was one of the Tsukinami. Hopefully that will be explained/shown sometime in the future eps :P

So true. The 1st season was pretty bland. It doesn't look like the creators intend to show the past of each Mukami.

Did you notice how quickly Ruki turned over the picture frame when Yui noticed it? It was a picture of his family. He doesn't want Yui to see it because whenever he thinks or dreams about his family (father in particular) he wakes up sick. Ruki's very often tormented from nightmares

rosasinensis | Oct 1, 11:09 AM
No :D Azusa's red bean cap is kinda cute too :D

There is a possibility that it could be Carla since he's a pretty powerful guy... Still not sure though....

Yes I'm excited. They make More Blood exciting too. There isn't a lot of happenings in season 1 unlike in season 2 there is a lot of things to look forward to :-P I wonder what those two brothers do for their revenge....

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