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Count till 5000! ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Frost_Kiss - Apr 18, 2014
3,039 replies by -Janet »»
Feb 7, 10:48 PM
[GAME] Male vs Female ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
jackiebanae - Jul 10, 2012
212 replies by Aluvara »»
Feb 3, 3:04 PM
Sticky: [OPEN] Official Member Cards ( 1 2 )
xHecate - Aug 25, 2014
82 replies by romcomlover96 »»
Jan 17, 8:31 PM
Sticky: [OPEN] Newsletter sign up
Frost_Kiss - Aug 28, 2014
41 replies by shaysenpaasento »»
Jan 13, 2:45 AM
A reverse harem with actual romance?
Ginevra - Aug 11, 2012
38 replies by Mayuka »»
Jan 3, 10:45 PM

Club Comments
-Janet | Feb 7, 10:47 PM
@PinkPetals I am and very much, it's one of the best anime airing along side nijiiro days, akagami no Shirayuki and others :D Ah Bishounen are always a plus for me in anime and haha I've heard a lot people complain about those two but I can't myself ship KoharuxKakeru xD I also love NanamixAkito and NatsuhikoxMikoto. Do you ship any couples?

PinkPetals | Feb 6, 7:37 PM
@dr_tokami yes I feel bad too about the characters that are being shoved to the side. Now I wish I could play the game so that I could know more about each of them... :c

@janet glad to hear you're liking the series. Yep, bishounen, or ikemen, are always welcome haha. Your otp Kakeru x Koharu? I feel those two are the most annoying, somehow xD I kind of don't like Koharu tbh....

-Janet | Feb 6, 5:38 PM
Oh my new characters are always welcome especially if there attractive vampires :D Anyways I'm really loving Norn9 the series has beautiful music and animation, hot guys and an interesting plot I can't complain about anything. Plus my otp KakeruxKoharu had there first kiss even if it was just a dream it's still a kiss ❤ So I'm ready for more and I'm definitely excited to see Natsuhiko in the next epsiode.

Dr_Tokami | Feb 6, 4:44 PM
Yes! Those illustrations in the game, such wow

I feel bad though for guys that are non-canon.. Because I know about them everything from the game and my kokoro just can't take it, the fact that some of them gonna be unhappy haha
Especially those who have "problems" that can be resolved only by one of the girls (Ron or Sakyua for that matter)

Dammit gotta replay some routes after the anime xD

PinkPetals | Feb 6, 4:32 PM
Lol I think most people, that have played the game, do that just to hear the voices and see the characters again xD

Couldn't agree more with you on the animation. I adore the game design so much ❤
Yeah, I'm also hoping there will be a proper ending for each of the guys... ^^

Dr_Tokami | Feb 6, 4:10 PM
I finished the game just before the anime, so I am watching just for the sake of seyuu lol
I feel like animation is lacking a little bit? Especially after the game designs.. But still good job with CGI and OST :D
I hope they will actually finish NORN9 properly, with all 3 "routes" for boys having an end like in a game
(I am gonna die if i won't see precious Akito happy in the end)

PinkPetals | Feb 6, 3:13 PM
What do you think of Norn9 so far? Episode 5 was really cute (Akito as the wolf ❤)😊

PinkPetals | Feb 6, 2:23 PM
A new character 😑 I think there's more than enough sadistic guys to choose from, no need to add more lol (unless they found a way to make him different and original)

We need to applaud Rejet for milking DL even more than they already have 👏
I kind of lost faith in them, because they reuse the same concepts for everything they release (meaning vampires, idols etc...) and use the same VAs every time 😧

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