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Bubblegum6711 | Apr 21, 8:44 AM
Hi! I feel like Ive seen every reverse harem there is lol do we know if there are any going to air? Im super excited about Uta no Prince Sama - Revolutions to air!! but i see this list to the side and they all dont look like reverse harems.. why is that? cuz Norn 9 wasn't.

Phraze | Apr 17, 8:34 AM
want to affiliate with us??
under construction atm but feel free to post announcements of cards/claims/any-of-ur-club-stuff in our club comments. staff also welcome to chat in our staff circle too. after affiliation ofc

here‘s a noob's banner...


thanks for reading~

Kai-Tamaki | Apr 10, 10:39 AM
Hello :) I'm new , hope you are all having a wonderful day !

Janjona12 | Mar 20, 5:15 PM

PinkPetals | Feb 18, 6:22 PM
You know I keep saying Azuma but his first name is actually Natsuhiko lol somehow I can never remember it XD you are right about the mystery part, he just never talks much.
Oh, then you should give the Hakuouki movies a try, I'm sure you'd like them :) well, I guess he did die but at the same time I believe he was still alive... maybe just wishful thinking on my part haha

Oh I have something for you. just a little warning, it's fully narrated so you won't hear much from the actual voices.. but it's still worth to watch for the cute bae ❤
God I so wish I had a guy like Akito...

Also, here are playlists you might be interested in

Tbh I am not sure how long this is gonna be, I just happen to read a comment about it, it's probably gonna be longer :)

-Janet | Feb 14, 12:11 AM
The anime is great so let's enjoy the 12 minutes of it every Sunday :D

I really need to play the games I never knew Azuma was the antagonist, he seems a bit of a mystery in the anime but I just thought his personality was like that but either way I still ship him with Mikoto. I love Sakuya as well but I would rather see Mikoto with Azuma those two just feel right together. I haven't started Hakuoki yet but I've played the games and watched amv's based on the anime and I totally agree with you I would've preferred if Kazama ended up with Chizuru better. But wait doesn't Chizuru end up alone the way the anime ended I get the feeling she did :c

Aion and Sorata look so adorable together I completely understand why you ship those two <3 Yes I enjoyed watching the video a lot are there more videos like this?

2 to 3 minutes of the anime? Why is it so short?:c I wish it could be a bit longer like Diabolik lovers :p

PinkPetals | Feb 12, 6:07 PM
Yeah I know. I too wish it was longer, like 20 minutes or something

Azuma is the antagonist. He's one of the characters you can romance after you finish with Sakuya's and Itsuki's routes. For some reason he reminds me a lot of Kazama (Hakuouki) because I think he isn't as bad as it looks like. Kazama also wasn't a bad guy, or should I say bad demon? Lol he was just feeling bored and wanted some entertainment. I still wish it had been him instead of Hijikata that ended up with Chizuru... oh well :c

You know I started shipping Sorata with Aion (is also known ad "The World) so hard.... And I know it makes no sense (because "it" isn't even human...) but they are so cute together

Haha I'm glad you liked the video :) I always enjoy such events that involves my favorite VAs lol

Oh yeah I read about it not too long ago. It's only gonna be like 3 minutes long or so... xD

-Janet | Feb 11, 8:00 PM
-Janet | 3 seconds ago
I know it is :) my only issue is I wish the series was a little longer I know it's getting 24 episodes but it's still not enough with 12 minutes each

Same here but I just can't help myself from shipping those :) & I haven't played the games yet but doesn't Mikoto end with Azuma in every route? I also ship Akito x Nanami :D Omg that video was awesome I enjoyed each and every single of them there voices tho <3

Btw the otome game Ozmafia is getting a short anime adaption this summer. There's a link below so if anyone is interested in checking it out


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