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Sticky: [OPEN] Newsletter sign up
29 replies by Sacreds »»
05-03-15, 9:02 PM
Count till 5000! ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
1,807 replies by PinkPetals »»
05-03-15, 1:39 PM
Sticky: [OPEN] Official Member Cards ( 1 2 )
50 replies by KurobaHime »»
04-30-15, 7:32 PM
[GAME] Male vs Female ( 1 2 3 )
135 replies by SheyCroix »»
04-30-15, 7:49 AM
prez-anna's corner
4 replies by SheyCroix »»
04-13-15, 7:03 AM

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PinkPetals | 05-03-15, 3:21 AM
@rachel exactly, we're all delusional. :D

@kurobahime not bad~ once in a while I daydream about being married to 3 men lol... Yeah very much delusional. I used to watch a TV show about a guy in Las Vegas that is married to 3 (or 4 I forgot) women and it made me think "why can't I do the same?" lol

KurobaHime | 05-02-15, 10:59 PM
I hope to be the star of my own reverse harem one day... so

RachelPanda | 05-01-15, 2:11 PM
Right?!? This is the club where we have a female at the center of attention,and have delusions that it is ourselves, in that glorious position :P

PinkPetals | 05-01-15, 4:18 AM
I see. Yeah I understand that, not every female likes BL and this is the wrong club to talk about that anyway ^^

KurobaHime | 04-30-15, 7:33 PM
I'm not a huge fan of the yaois unfortunately

PinkPetals | 04-29-15, 9:47 AM
There's so much bromance and they don't seem to be interested in the other gender, rather they prefer playing with they guys XD

PinkPetals | 04-29-15, 9:46 AM
Haha~ yeah maybe ;) I can't really help but ship the characters in KnB with each other. If you think about it, it's the creator's fault, if they had drawn it differently, like the boys start dating girls or something, then maybe there wouldn't be that many djs about them lol.

KurobaHime | 04-28-15, 6:17 PM
I'd play a KnB otome game. Might give me a reason to get into it, aha

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