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Frost_Kiss - Apr 18, 2014
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xHecate - Aug 25, 2014
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May 21, 5:38 AM
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LadyEmi - May 9, 2008
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Club Comments
Zehrodyl | Jun 2, 2:21 PM
Hello everyone :). I may be a guy but I love reverse harems :D. Is there a skype group for this club? Feel free to add me on Skype (Zehrodyl). I would love to be your friend

-Janet | May 22, 12:53 AM
@Psykix no problem :D I heard the ova will be on the Zeno arc so I'm super excited because he didn't get enough screen time in the anime. Yas fingers crossed X)

Psykix | May 21, 11:06 PM
thanks:D cant wait!. ah well fingers crossed ay?XD

-Janet | May 21, 10:57 PM
@Psykix welcome to the club!!! Well as of now there's no news regarding a second season of Akatsuki no Yona but there is a Ova which I believe comes out next year xD But I do agree reverse harems are the best.

Psykix | May 21, 10:42 PM
hey im new to the club:D!!!! revers harem is the best!!!! i love akatsuki no yona soo much but dose anyone know if there will be second season for the anime?

Haremhime | May 10, 12:50 AM
A new season of Uta no prince sama will air in october this year.

Bubblegum6711 | Apr 21, 8:44 AM
Hi! I feel like Ive seen every reverse harem there is lol do we know if there are any going to air? Im super excited about Uta no Prince Sama - Revolutions to air!! but i see this list to the side and they all dont look like reverse harems.. why is that? cuz Norn 9 wasn't.

Phraze | Apr 17, 8:34 AM
want to affiliate with us??
under construction atm but feel free to post announcements of cards/claims/any-of-ur-club-stuff in our club comments. staff also welcome to chat in our staff circle too. after affiliation ofc

here‘s a noob's banner...


thanks for reading~

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