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Count till 5000! ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Frost_Kiss - Apr 18, 2014
2,017 replies by KimmyChii »»
2 minutes ago
[GAME] Male vs Female ( 1 2 3 4 )
jackiebanae - Jul 10, 2012
189 replies by Begin »»
5 hours ago
Poll: Vote for the best Reverse Harem female lead~!
PinkPetals - Jun 15
4 replies by Nellynuska »»
Jul 3, 1:27 PM
Sticky: [OPEN] Official Member Cards ( 1 2 )
prez-anna - Aug 25, 2014
54 replies by UnhappyRefrain »»
Jul 1, 1:59 AM
Sticky: [OPEN] Newsletter sign up
Frost_Kiss - Aug 28, 2014
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Jul 1, 1:57 AM

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Club Comments
PinkPetals | 5 hours ago
Omg lol! I just found my absolute favorite thing in the world XD
This is great! I already love just from watching it:

Thank you so much Otomate for finally letting me dominate a guy instead of the other way around ;D I've always wanted to do that lmfao

PinkPetals | Yesterday, 8:43 PM
Yes I just heard it myself xD I'm SO super excited about Code Realize!! Heard so many good things about it. This is gonna be great ^-^ even though I'm poor as fuck I'll still buy all three games lmfao!

cockaine | Yesterday, 8:31 PM
I read up on those news and guess what!!! It's not the ONLY one. Amnesia and Code: Realize are also being released. So happy for fans living in America right now. Getting some good stuff.
And than the Norn9 anime!!! -gasps in Japanese and screams in Chinese-

cockaine | Yesterday, 8:22 PM
Dummy. Dummy. lol
Different from what other products? They mainly use the dummyhead mic to suck money out of young Japanese women lol. Jk

OhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh. /throws u off the face of this world/ you could have corrected me earlier. Jeezzzzzz I thought it was actually a VN!
Ugh. No more. I can only imagine the reactions of my female friends. Good grief, ewww.

PinkPetals | Yesterday, 5:12 PM
Oh I meant you can touch the screen so it's like you can touch the vamps themselves XD

No, no Rejets games and Drama CDs do sell very well actually because they are different from the other products they also work mostly with dummyhead which makes for some great experiences xD

Oh, the video I showed you before it's a drama cd only, the one that uploaded these videos is the one that made them herself ^^ so there isn't any game. If that was a game then hell it wouldn't even sell for 10 bucks because the graphics look horrible XD

Yes I'm pretty sure it hurts like hell getting bitten right on your vagina :P I would've tried to beat the shit out of Kou if I was Yui lol

PinkPetals | Yesterday, 4:57 PM
Omg this is fuckin big news!!!

This is so great that I just wanna cry tears of happiness T_T
Getting another localization on an otome game is great <3

cockaine | Jul 2, 8:27 PM
That link. Bless your liver PP, for posting it. I can see my preshies asleep and looking at me. (But they probably only want blood, not me. LOL T.T)

cockaine | Jul 2, 8:24 PM
But still the games do sell enough. Only in a way to suffice the niche the production crew are targetting. Never to expand their horizons. Not a bad thing, though, considering other countries don't even get it in the slightest. ;/

I really didn't mind Kanato in the manga. THERE, he was ok. But the way the portrayed him in the anime (and probably the games, as well) was just too much.

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