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This club is for people who like to play visual novels. Yeah, pretty obvious right? Nevertheless you will find many random topics in the club comments so feel free to join us.

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Club Discussion
What VN are you currently playing? ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
MayuAsagiri - Dec 17, 2013
348 replies by Zeraphily »»
Jun 12, 5:22 AM
Poll: [Poll] How many girls you recognize?
kyutora - May 21
6 replies by Coco-chi »»
Jun 8, 11:14 AM
Top 5 VNs ( 1 2 )
AltriaPendragon - Jun 2, 2013
93 replies by Notyourdolly »»
May 5, 6:03 AM
GCNessIsAWeeb - Apr 12
0 replies by GCNessIsAWeeb »»
Apr 12, 9:24 AM
VN recommendations?
GCNessIsAWeeb - Feb 21
1 replies by jpnorris »»
Feb 21, 7:13 PM

Club Comments
HaXXspetten | Jun 26, 7:46 AM
Onii-chan Sharing is pretty great for that

Z-Dante | Jun 26, 7:37 AM
BTW, Anyone got any raw easy to understand HD R-18 galge recommendation for me?

Manjuu | Jun 26, 7:00 AM
Yeah, 18+ version apparently might not be out for at least a few months?

magji | Jun 26, 4:23 AM
yeah was about to download it then saw it was the censored version
guess waiting a bit longer for uncensored version wouldn't hurt.

LoneWizard | Jun 26, 4:08 AM
Yoshitsune belongs to Yoichi ;_;

Also i assume Grisaia +18 patch is still not out and they only released all ages so far...Got excited when i saw it on steam but all ages meikyuu doesnt sound like a good idea :/

almightywiggles | Jun 24, 9:33 AM
Yeah why she got a route after the two heroines in A-4 I have no idea...

HaXXspetten | Jun 24, 4:38 AM
What I still can't fathom is why Yoshitsune doesn't have a route until A-5 lol, she was like one of the most central characters already back in S

LoneWizard | Jun 24, 4:35 AM
Still going to play teh Majikoi A's tho...They know we cant resist to the temptetion ::I

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