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This club is for people who like to play visual novels. Yeah, pretty obvious right? Nevertheless you will find many random topics in the club comments so feel free to join us.

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Club Discussion
What VN are you currently playing? ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
224 replies by RandomRaveGuy »»
04-15-15, 4:16 AM
What are the best tracks from VN's you have heard?
8 replies by RandomRaveGuy »»
04-15-15, 4:14 AM
Favorite Visual Novel character? ( 1 2 3 )
100 replies by jpnorris »»
04-09-15, 6:37 PM
Visual Novel Data Base Account ( 1 2 )
99 replies by Terkhev »»
04-08-15, 10:27 AM
Top 3 VN.
2 replies by Tsun2Yan »»
02-21-15, 8:22 AM

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Club Comments
Asunyan | Yesterday, 1:24 AM
asu finished cartagra neutral-happy ending todays
it was a good ending
altough teh mystery is far from solved so asu was left hanging on a string >_<

OneManArmy | Yesterday, 1:09 AM
And thus hax turned into a mass murder.

Riptos | 04-16-15, 12:16 PM
I imagine Haxx just popped an aneurysm lol.

Nothing wrong with having a relationship and imoutos =)

Never stopped me lol

tthammy | 04-16-15, 12:16 PM
i unfriend them

HaXXspetten | 04-16-15, 11:48 AM
Tf did you just say?

tthammy | 04-16-15, 11:46 AM
i removed all my imoutos XD

Pabloc | 04-16-15, 10:36 AM
Yeah, hardcore difficulty is fun. That reminds me of Assault Crisis - this game was made to kill you. It's awesome.

So, tthammy is going for a nice boat ending again? :P

HaXXspetten | 04-16-15, 10:34 AM
If every retry actually feels like something new then I'm fine with it

It's when it turns into a mindless grind where you just end up going on auto pilot that it feels pointless. Then it doesn't make it anymore intense since you already know how everything's going to turn out beforehand

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