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This club is for people who like to play visual novels. Yeah, pretty obvious right? Nevertheless you will find many random topics in the club comments so feel free to join us.

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Poll: Favorite VN Developers
lmisohax - Nov 17
6 replies by TheUnknownMerc »»
Yesterday, 1:32 AM
What VN are you currently playing? ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
MayuAsagiri - Dec 17, 2013
291 replies by Kitsu-nee »»
Nov 22, 3:59 PM
What are the best tracks from VN's you have heard?
Riptos - Apr 2
21 replies by msstr7 »»
Nov 7, 12:16 PM
TheBlackTeaLady - Oct 27
0 replies by TheBlackTeaLady »»
Oct 27, 2:30 AM
Visual Novel Data Base Account ( 1 2 3 )
OneManArmy - Jan 29, 2011
105 replies by BrAmagami »»
Oct 18, 5:54 PM

Club Comments
bunny1ov3r | Nov 22, 9:39 PM
so that's why it's called "visual novel petition club".

wraithseeker | Nov 20, 5:01 AM
I recently managed to roll out a pre-alpha version of Visualnoveler that allows you to track and discover VNs as it's core functionality for me to test out the existing functions to fix bugs.

If you guys need any details let me know

Sample Pages

If anyone would like to contribute or help towards its development let me know!

OneManArmy | Nov 19, 12:59 PM
"Former Visual Novel Petition Club - No Orochis allowed."

You are welcome.

OrochiPL | Nov 19, 10:37 AM
Yes, make the title even longer please.
"Former Visual Novel Petition Club".

OneManArmy | Nov 19, 8:41 AM
I mean I won't complain really I'm fine with vndb for the most part.

Yeah same here. I don't need another database for visual novels, vndb is plenty.

Also I was told that this club was created at a time when the MAL admins actually thought about adding more stuff (such as VNs) to the site but they quickly decided against it because of obvious reasons. So the petition part of our club makes no sense anymore haha. Maybe we should rename it to something else or at least to "Former Visual Novel Petition Club".

hyperknees91 | Nov 18, 7:02 AM
Oh yeah forgot about that one. That is kind of dumb.

Laniaka | Nov 17, 4:17 PM
I don't think light novels were part of MAL's original objectives.
Otherwise they'd have giving it its own section instead of half-assedly adding them as manga.

hyperknees91 | Nov 17, 4:07 PM
Kinda weird that light novels are though. I can understand japanese novels, but most visual novels are very anime like.

I mean I won't complain really I'm fine with vndb for the most part.

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