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I will add other names once the other Admins reply back to my messages if they stil want to be admins :D

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Club Discussion
Admin Application
jam112383 - Apr 22, 2014
7 replies by Larcenist »»
Jun 1, 2:53 PM
Revival SE Cards
jam112383 - Apr 23, 2014
4 replies by »»

Club Comments
Larcenist | Sep 22, 9:16 AM
That is but minor details.

Sakurei | Sep 20, 8:50 AM
Dusty is an understatement I think

Larcenist | Sep 19, 1:22 PM
What is this sorcery, we've got some activity. Welcome to the dusty remains of the romance club!

Pikajeans15 | Sep 19, 8:21 AM
hi just joined ヽ(*’-^*)。

Wizy | Sep 19, 3:46 AM
Long time lurker reporting in

Larcenist | Sep 18, 3:19 PM
I guess my main use is the tracking of manga I'm reading right now as well. It is a shame to lack a place for discussion and recommendations like this club was (albeit a small crowd). Nice to see that someone still checks in from time to time at least!

Sakurei | Sep 18, 4:35 AM
That's certainly true. Can't force activity, I suppose. Many clubs have become very inactive due to members not logging into MAL anymore.

Larcenist | Sep 10, 4:50 AM
Today marks exactly half a year since something happened in this comment feed, that seems like an achievement even for this club.

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