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Height: Can't be determined / Inconsistent
Measurements: Can be whatever she likes
Occupation: Close accomplice of the Marshland Witch (Intelligence and assassination)
Weapon: Can changer her appearance
Protection: None
Likes: Crustaceans
Hates: Unresponsive folks
Hobbies: Pulling practical jokes and tricks
VA: Kugimiya Rie

A close associate of the "Marshland Witch" and an expert at shapeshifting and assassination. She's in the tournament to cause mayhem and destruction, as part of her orders. A bit of a brat, she loves to cause mischief and situations for others whenever she feels like it. Due to her body composition, she can go soft or hard, depending on the situation in combat. Based on that composition of hers, she can even absorb any living creature around her to increase her own strength.


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Sticky: ~Member Cards~ {open}
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09-14-14, 11:02 PM

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DifferentOpinion | 09-06-10, 11:40 AM
No, two, and will be more someday.

cr4sian_phil | 09-06-10, 11:05 AM
You only uploaded one new picture. o_o

DifferentOpinion | 09-05-10, 7:30 PM
New pics that took me this long?

DifferentOpinion | 08-06-10, 10:29 AM
Sorry guys, LDC gave me the cards to fill out and I dropped the ball.

Fantomdruid | 07-06-10, 11:28 AM
Thanks for the invite, love Melona!

DifferentOpinion | 06-17-10, 5:41 PM
Talk to you soon ^.~

Yoishi_ | 06-16-10, 1:35 PM
Thanks for the invite^^

Jay-kun | 06-16-10, 1:18 PM
Thanks for the invite ^^

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