Down with 4Kids Entertainment!!!!!

"I think manga is a today don't read, they read less today."-Alfred R. Kahn

So what, Mr. Kahn?! We read manga and reading is good for everyone!! Uh, almost everyone knows who this man is, what company he (used to) owned and what he did to anime. Yes, we're talking about 4Shame (4Kids) Entertainment, the most despicable US anime dubbing company since DiC Entertainment. Almost everyone knows how 4Kids ruined anime, edited lots of things that made them awesome and give them and us otaku a bad name. One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, Tokyo Mew Mew, Shaman King, Pokemon, you name it, they messed it up.

Here's the list of vict....uh I mean, acquisitions of 4Kid$.

Pokemon (Now acquired by Pokemon USA)
Yu-Gi-Oh series
One Piece (saved by FUNimation Entertainment)
Sonic X (on hiatus)
Tama & Friends
Fighting Foodons
Shaman King
Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Tokyo Mew Mew (canceled)
Ojamajo Doremi
Ultimate Muscle
Futari wa Pretty Cure (never aired)

Tired of seeing awesome anime being minced up into pieces? Then join!

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Poll: What do you Guys think? 4kids Dubs
2 replies by 3rdStrikeFreak »»
04-15-14, 2:41 PM
Date A Live by 4Kids???
0 replies by AnimeFan2013 »»
07-03-13, 9:06 AM
For the Yu-Gi-Oh lovers, we have good news! =)
2 replies by EnvitChan »»
08-03-11, 1:00 PM
Another insulting words from the owner himself.
18 replies by CkretAznMan »»
08-11-10, 8:01 PM
Theme songs
5 replies by Avoliee »»
05-28-10, 11:14 AM

Club Comments
Sp0UtDuDe03 | 09-22-13, 12:17 AM
As somebody who returned from the darkest depths of boredom a Yu-Gi-Oh!(sub) fan, I can promise you all this: "George Fisher (the current lead vocalist of Cannibal Corpse) shall "sing" Kaisei Joshou Hallelujah (using the Sentenced to Burn PV as a base) while he who was responsible for producing the vapid, cringeworthy and overall, inexcusable GX dub is tortured to death and cremated."

And yes, the 4Krap we loved to hate has been condemned to the Seventh Concentric Circle of Marketing Hell, now to remain ONLY AS a standard licensing company. Nothing can be done to bring back their victims, but rest assured, the most infectious threat to Anime is gone.... AFTER STEVEN FOSTER.

AnimeFan2012 | 01-25-12, 3:35 AM
4Kids was an extremely Unfavorable company to Anime Fans.

Well, at lest Al Kahn Retires.

Go Funimation, NEVER 4KIDS!!!

Gibz0matic | 07-09-11, 7:17 AM
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bleachman99 | 07-08-11, 4:09 PM
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DetectiveHope | 06-04-10, 5:24 PM
I hate 4kids. What the did to One Piece was criminal!!!!

MoonLite88 | 05-11-10, 1:11 PM
I doubt they'll get Shugo Chara. Magical Girl anime just doesn't do well here in the states (note that we have so few of them).

ternalnodorei | 05-11-10, 9:25 AM$3.5-million-loss-in-1st-quarter-2010

So 4kids will be aquiring 16 new shows this year, 4 of which are said to be more mature. I have a feeling they'll all still face Americanization though.

misa3kira | 03-22-10, 7:52 PM
I bet they'll be removed. But you're right, they picked an anime that no one ever talked about AND it's one for young kids. I think 4kids actually made a smart decision, for once.

I'm just worried about the other titles they're going to acquire. I'm worried for Shugo Chara! >.<

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