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Note: After the 2008 admin takeover; this club is routinely getting updated, and revamped in relations and overall activity.

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Club Discussion
What Anime/Manga should be added to the Relations Section?
45 replies by soaring_wings »»
03-24-15, 12:47 PM
Which Magical girl series doesn't fit in the genre
43 replies by RICEA42991 »»
03-05-15, 2:51 PM
What mahou-shoujo anime are you watching
14 replies by fairyaroma »»
03-04-15, 3:10 PM
I want some feedback about my MG chronology videos.
3 replies by RICEA42991 »»
02-27-15, 9:44 AM
Non fighting Magical Girls, had you watched or read any of these kind of series?
1 replies by soaring_wings »»
11-13-14, 4:11 PM

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Club Comments
RICEA42991 | 03-04-15, 7:12 PM
Thanks for the link it gives me a idea of what we were talking about :) I now remember the covers, just never looked inside them. Nearly everything book related from back then is out of print sadly.

soaring_wings | 03-04-15, 4:00 PM
Not sure if you're interested, but here's a link to its amazon page:

Just to give you an idea of what it looked like. It's long out of print now though. u w u;;;

RICEA42991 | 03-03-15, 4:33 PM
Now that is new to me, I never knew about stat books. Interesting. Sailor Moon was so big back then that there were various book merchandise made other then just the manga. The sad thing was back at the time I wasn't aware of half of them.

soaring_wings | 03-03-15, 2:56 PM
I remember Tokyopop (or was it Viz?) also published those Sailor Moon/Mars/etc. stat books, which I had wanted to get as well, but I heard they weren't all that good?

RICEA42991 | 02-27-15, 12:49 PM
Sailor Moon...yes I remember. It had a Tokyopop Mixx version of the manga, and the novel version. Funny on how I have owned several of the novels of Sailor Moon for years, but not got the manga (hopefully in the future I will, collecting is pricey).

I remember Smile too (more then Chix)....oh those were the days! My Sailor Moon novels are Smile actually. I never knew they did other series other then Sailor Moon and CCS. Guess at the time I didn't bother looking at other series haha.

soaring_wings | 02-27-15, 12:34 PM
oh maaaan, I remember chix comics. I saw them in the comic store I went to waaaay back. Tokyopop did US comic versions of manga before going with the Japanese novel format. I didn't know Saint Tail got treated to the chix comic line. I thought it was only Sailor Moon, CCS, and Miracle Girls that got those versions!

I wonder if I should try getting my hands on some of the Moon ones just for collection sake. XD Debating how many versions of CCS I want to collect as well. I already have the TP novel versions for Sailor Moon (bought them back in the day), and I'm getting the Kondasha versions too. But it is pricey to collect all these versions, so maybe I'll just do second version TP novels and Kondasha for CCS.

PS - Does anyone remember Smile?? I have like two issues of that that I picked up randomly. XD

sbyrstall | 02-27-15, 10:14 AM
Yeah. It's by Chix Comics, which is part of Toyko Pop. I'm thinking it's their US division. I only have 10 issues. Now I need to find the rest.

RICEA42991 | 02-27-15, 9:43 AM
I didn't even know there was a US comic version...especially since they didn't even finished dubbing the series.

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