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Note: After the 2008 admin takeover; this club is routinely getting updated, and revamped in relations and overall activity.

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What Anime/Manga should be added to the Relations Section? ( 1 2 )
soaring_wings - Oct 18, 2008
54 replies by deXtru »»
Dec 22, 2015 1:00 AM
What mahou-shoujo anime are you watching
pinkrupee - Mar 22, 2013
15 replies by deXtru »»
Dec 15, 2015 2:18 AM
Which Magical girl series doesn't fit in the genre
RICEA42991 - Mar 19, 2011
43 replies by RICEA42991 »»
Mar 5, 2015 2:51 PM
I want some feedback about my MG chronology videos.
SourcererZ - Nov 21, 2014
3 replies by RICEA42991 »»
Feb 27, 2015 9:44 AM
Non fighting Magical Girls, had you watched or read any of these kind of series?
SourcererZ - Nov 11, 2014
1 replies by soaring_wings »»
Nov 13, 2014 4:11 PM

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Club Comments
RICEA42991 | Feb 2, 10:59 PM
The new relations have been added, and staff notified. Thanks to Definitely's assistance.

All in time for Mahoutsukai Precure's premiere in Japan 4 days away! Not that everyone will be watching it though, either because of lack of interest or lack of subtitles. For me it's both reasons, but with this season along with Sailor Moon Crystal's season of DeathBusters means there are two seasons of classic magical girl this year which is still great news for magical girl!

Seiya | Feb 1, 1:22 PM
Viz Media is the licensor of the Sailor Moon DVDs. RightStuf is just one of many places where you can buy them.

sbyrstall | Feb 1, 12:41 PM
Is Vix selling the DVDs or RightStuf?

RICEA42991 | Feb 1, 12:14 PM
A new year and two months since the last comment on here. Since then I have received a response from one of the site's staff. So far it's being currently looked into to. There's no limit on relations but it might be something that needs to be fixed. After it's taken care of the new relations will be added

Seiya:Thanks so much for the tips Seiya, I haven't bought them/or planning to for that manner, but it's very useful to those that are.

Seiya | Dec 21, 2015 12:00 PM
Is anyone else here purchasing the R1 Sailor Moon Blu-Ray/DVDs that Viz is putting out?

If you purchased "Sailor Moon R: Part 2," there was an error in an episode where the audio goes completely out of sync with the video. Thankfully, Viz recognized their mistakes, and there's a number you can contact to get free replacement discs in the mail. This applies to both the Sailor Moon R: Part 2 Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack, and the standalone DVD release.

My replacement discs arrived in the mail today.

RICEA42991 | Dec 21, 2015 10:44 AM
soaring_wings: Great to hear from you again, been missing out on you in the comments and topics especially.

I'm only 3 episodes away from finishing Saint Tail which sadly I'll have to watch in Japanese since neither the English or Spanish dubs finished them fully :( Still in between two magical girl series choice for what I'm going to watch next, but yes I'm definitely going to miss watching Saint Tail.

As for the relations, I've messaged a more active staff member just to be sure. I wouldn't like any more series vanishing from the list if there does happen to be a limit. And if there is, yes soaring_wings, that's exactly what I have planned on doing.

soaring_wings | Dec 20, 2015 6:09 PM
@Ricea - I actually have no idea! I run (or rather ran since I'm so inactive now) another club, but we never hit any sort of limit. I guess keep adding and if you do hit a limit, take out stuff that is second/third seasons to make room for other things?

RICEA42991 | Dec 17, 2015 9:48 PM
Precure is having yet another new season next year: Mahoutsukai while Princess Precure was new for this Winter.

Also something that I have been wondering for awhile. Is there a limit to how many anime club relations we can add? Reason I ask is because I could have sworn I've added some Precure seasons like DokiDoki, but now that I looked; all the seasons since Heartcatch are not added. I could be wrong, but I remember messaging one of the staff this question in the past and never got a answer. Does anyone know? Would like to know before adding more.

Castellano: Merupuri has been in the relations for years now. Shoujo Kesshou Cocological seems more like another genre, and Charm Angel...I couldn't find out enough about it to be sure. I depends on what's the competition about.

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