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Club Discussion
What is your favourite Magical Girl Anime? ( 1 2 )
21 replies by soaring_wings »»
07-10-14, 3:54 PM
Ever watch/read a mahou-shoujo anime/manga that you didn't like? ( 1 2 )
23 replies by mecharobot »»
06-29-14, 6:23 PM
What is your favourite Magical Girl Manga?
6 replies by mecharobot »»
06-29-14, 6:13 PM
Your favorite henshin sequence
1 replies by mecharobot »»
06-29-14, 6:06 PM
What mahou-shoujo anime are you watching
8 replies by mecharobot »»
06-29-14, 5:15 PM

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Club Comments
RICEA42991 | 08-29-14, 10:43 AM
Thanks for the mentioning that soaring_wings, Episode 4 had an early air date then planned. I particularly never was crazy over chapter 4, but if there's one thing I'm liking so far in Crystal is that they're giving my favorite villains in the whole series the attention they needed.

If anyone is waiting on the topic discussion I said I'd make. No worries, I'm just waiting until a bit more episodes pass to have more to go on instead of rumors/speculations.

soaring_wings | 08-16-14, 7:18 PM
Episode 4 out today~ I was at work, so I'm going to watch it now. Can't wait. Chapter 4 was one of my favourites because it was just so cute. >w<

RICEA42991 | 08-11-14, 11:14 AM
Things are quiet here, but Sailor Moon Crystal episodes 2 and 3 aired, and things are beginning to show themselves, both good and bad. Let's hope the good outweighs it. So far I'm happy on how the villains are getting better treatment.

sbyrstall | 07-18-14, 4:59 AM
What happened to my post??

soaring_wings | 07-10-14, 3:50 PM
I also loved the first episode of Crystal. So far, they are following the manga pretty faithfully, excepted for the added dream sequences. Those showed up much later in the manga. I am so hoping they continue to follow with the manga, but we won't know for sure until 2-3 episodes in, since that's where the old anime started to deviate.

Maho-shonen | 07-10-14, 11:35 AM
Looks good.

sbyrstall | 07-07-14, 11:33 AM
*thumbs up*

RICEA42991 | 07-07-14, 10:36 AM
Alright every Sailor Moon fans; Crystal has officially aired it's great first episode; this club picture has been changed to reflect this. So far so good :)

Choy I'm with ya. I don't think I'll ever love the new girls' look completely. Now Mamoru's and the villains look though are spot on perfect ;)

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