The Munchie Buddies Club

~ Munchies Angel Beats! Theme ~

If you are one of many MAL members who enjoy eating, biting, mawing or gnawing your friends, then this is the perfect club for you! Welcome to the biggest friend buffet! Where you can talk with and eat your friends! A warning: this club is weird...

New members please note that this is a cannibal club! You may eat anyone but please see the rules below.

To get a member card, please click here!

Special Thanks To BlazingDevil and ToxxicDreamer for the title of the club! And for starting this Cannibal carnage!

1.) If another member asks/tells/PMs or contacts you in any way to cease doing whatever to them, be it: biting, gnawing, eating, etc. then you must comply. Failure to do so will result in a message telling you to stop. The second time will be a 24 hour banishment and the third time will be a permanent banishment.

2.) The Munchie Buddies Club is an any age club. Meaning anything that goes beyond a PG-13 rating will NOT be allowed.

3.) NO SPAMMING! Spammers will be banned.

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All the graphics associated with The Munchie Buddies Club, its bbcode, and title are the property of the creator and its members. Any use of The Munchie Buddies Club's property to make anything resembling it is theft.

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show us your face!! ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
369 replies by Ichi-chan »»
05-13-12, 8:53 AM
15 replies by shepperoni »»
08-09-11, 7:32 PM
Poll: ChatterBox ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
463 replies by shepperoni »»
07-03-11, 12:13 PM
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09-10-10, 9:59 PM
Poll: The Big Three
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09-07-10, 3:08 PM

Club Comments
Foashroom | 08-16-13, 2:16 PM
holy cheese crackers! haven't been on in forever :O

Ichi-chan | 03-16-13, 6:23 PM

BlackTalon | 03-16-13, 6:17 PM
*catches it* O>O!!! WOA!! That was close -3- it could've-KERBLAMMMM!!!!!!!! X.X..... *cough*.... exploded @>@

Ichi-chan | 03-16-13, 6:16 PM
*drops the f bomb*

BlackTalon | 03-16-13, 6:14 PM
Yes for real D8 The clubs that do it now have to send them ONE AT A TIME D88888

Ichi-chan | 03-16-13, 6:12 PM
Oh for real? D:

BlackTalon | 03-16-13, 6:10 PM
M-message all members..... *checks*that's 615 people ichi. D8 and mass messaging has been poof for years now

Ichi-chan | 03-16-13, 6:08 PM
Message all members tell me them munchie's has been reborn!

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Members: 605
Pictures: 21
Category: Other
Created: Aug 2, 2009

Club Officers
BlackTalon (Admin)
BlazingDevil (Admin)
Chibi_Louise (Admin)
d0ragonkaze (Creator)
Foashroom (Admin)
JinxedFox (Admin)
kiyomigirl (Admin)
Kos (Admin)
shepperoni (Admin)
skullhunterj (Admin)
unohana (Admin)

Club Type
This is a public club. Anyone can join and invite others to join.

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