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01-28-14, 5:28 PM
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December 31, 1930
April 4, 2009
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And I'm back baby!!!!! lol damn it's been forever long... like 2-3 years??? sheesh!!!!

Characters that are in a book I'm writing. Werewolf/Romance. Aye! I know what you're thinking! "Ugh, another Twilight story!" Well... it's not!!! Give it a look aye? Just Another Lothario on :D

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bleachman99 | 07-11-11, 6:32 PM
plz watch these funny videos i made with my friends outside of school there really funny and i need to help with the views thanks u

Ramzeke | 03-08-11, 8:21 PM
good bye foatheunwanted, you have been a great frien

Beowulf- | 02-28-11, 6:46 PM
No!!!!!!! T.T why'd you leave!!!!!

Ramzeke | 02-25-11, 5:09 PM
y did u leave mal?

Beowulf- | 12-31-10, 9:28 PM
hi sis!!!
*tackle death mushroom glomps*

Xxshaku-chanxX | 11-29-10, 3:15 AM
nooo XD

Xxshaku-chanxX | 11-27-10, 8:11 PM
god u poor thing.

ugh school what else x.x;

Xxshaku-chanxX | 11-26-10, 7:59 PM
5 HOURS!? omfg o.o

eh im totaly bummed out and sleepy

Xxshaku-chanxX | 11-26-10, 1:20 AM
lol so how are ya? :DD

Xxshaku-chanxX | 11-25-10, 5:02 AM
oh my o.o; quack quack? O.O

Xxshaku-chanxX | 11-16-10, 2:19 AM
haha o: mommies a ducky? O.o

Xxshaku-chanxX | 11-12-10, 8:22 PM
three boxes now cuz i told ma i want that and biscuits for my lunch box at school everyday o.o;

Xxshaku-chanxX | 11-10-10, 5:58 PM
it is yummy :PP!! i got a whole box in my house atm xD

Xxshaku-chanxX | 11-10-10, 2:22 AM
omg lucky O: i had a chocopie haha its like
colocolate covered biscuits with a jelly like vanilla cream thingy chewy candy inside HAHA xD im so bad at describing v.v

Xxshaku-chanxX | 11-09-10, 5:57 PM
yea i like chocolates more xD

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