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The Harem Enthusiasts Club allow me to say is not a club meant to rival with the Harem Club. Rather I wanted to create a club that would allow people to talk about characters, talk about harems, discuss what they believe necessary in a harem, recommend harems to others, etc. Pretty much it's more of a club for peopel to discuss and recomend harems. Right now finding Harem Anime is extremely hard for me, as well as some of my friends. I was happy to find this site because it had viewer feedback which was great. It was great because sometimes people will claima series is a harem and it won't REALLY be a Harem. It will just be a guy surrounded by girls who treat him like he's nothing. I have watched a good amount of Harem series and I wouldn't mind being able to talk to people about them. So if you like Harem Series, Like Talking About Harem Series, or just want to express what A Harem Anime is to you, then don't hesitate and join the Harem Enthusiast's Club!

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What Harem Anime is to Me
3 replies by Indurrago »»
07-19-10, 8:01 AM

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Honesty | 01-22-14, 8:09 PM
Hey, new member.
My first harem was sekirei I think, but I've seen many more since then. :)

anime-aijin | 05-24-13, 8:17 PM
Hi there! New member here^^
My first harem anime was Ichigo 100%

TravellingRobot | 03-05-13, 3:53 PM
New member. My first and favorite harem: Zero no Tsukaima.

Gerentex | 05-21-12, 2:36 PM
New here, and as far as my first...I believe it was Sekirei

kux | 04-06-12, 11:57 AM
Hello! I'm a new member too and I watch a lot of harems :)

Anime_Otakumasen | 04-06-12, 9:59 AM
Im new member.. yuroskun onegai shimas...

giraffe13280 | 03-29-12, 9:24 PM
Sometimes I seem to know too much about harems for my own good and after seeing some people talk about their first harem...I can't remember if Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun, Nagasarete Airantou or DearS was my first harem anime XD

schmuck | 11-10-11, 5:14 AM
the sad moment when you realise you have actually mainly watched harem animes out of your list hahahaa. such an awesome genre gotta be one of my favourites. Its also pleasing i also started watching anime this year and have watched most harems on the club list. gotta say amen to that!

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