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So I was doing some searching for quotes from Ouran and I was like, wait a minute. Why the hell isn't there a club for quotes on MAL?!?!?!

Thus the birth of this club.


This is for anyone and everyone who likes quotes or is looking for some. I condone any kind of quotes for this club. They can be happy or sad. They can sentimental or something moving. Hell they can even be dirty and downright nasty.

Quotes will be grouped in discussions by Anime/Manga. Please find your proper discussion and post it there.

Quotes can only be from Anime and Manga. Please no outside quotes from books or movies.

Please though, be respectful to others of the club. No bashing, name calling, degrading or being an asshole.


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Pumpkin Scissors
0 replies by popapop2 »»
03-29-13, 7:20 AM
One Piece
0 replies by popapop2 »»
02-22-13, 6:05 PM
ef - a tale of memories
0 replies by popapop2 »»
02-15-13, 2:16 PM
1 replies by popapop2 »»
02-15-13, 2:07 PM
Spice and Wolf
1 replies by popapop2 »»
02-03-13, 5:27 PM

Club Comments
popapop2 | 03-29-13, 7:26 AM
Hello everyone!

popapop2 | 02-14-13, 8:25 AM
Post the quotes

Suzuhana | 09-16-12, 10:34 AM
Welcome new members! So glad you're here!

Saichi_KaSaHa | 06-15-12, 11:05 PM
Yay! I'm the 100th member that joined this club!
This is the club that I've been searching for!
And if you don't mind I have a twitter that contain anime quotes from all anime too.
Mind to visit or become the admin?
https :// /#! / AnimeCharaQuote (without space!)
Thanks, and Yoroshikune!

Rafflecastel | 07-15-10, 11:26 PM

Suzuhana | 07-04-10, 10:54 PM
thanks for joining nicnic!
d. gray man it is! ive recently taken a huge liking to it. :]

nicnic257 | 07-03-10, 8:11 AM
just joined this club XD saw ur threads! hey why dun make a new thread on D.grayman? haha.

Suzuhana | 08-17-09, 9:58 PM
thanks for joining ya'll!

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