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The HappyHappy topic
9 replies by I3rawler »»
05-16-10, 3:06 PM
The Anime Character Guessing Game ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
677 replies by Toragon »»
04-01-10, 6:59 AM
Vote for Toradora in the Anime Reactor Awards 2009
0 replies by KouSeiran »»
02-25-10, 9:44 AM
Club Members = Anime Characters
6 replies by Toragon »»
02-18-10, 6:21 AM
RaNdOm StUfF~ ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
217 replies by Toragon »»
12-06-09, 2:53 AM

Club Comments
JustRad | 12-04-11, 9:33 PM
Yes Yes you're awesome.

I'm down 30 lbs and my legs look normal again.

There's another place you should go now.

Vhaltz | 12-04-11, 9:04 PM
Touhou fanboy says hello from the future!
Which will most likely not be the future anymore whenever this is read, while I will still be in the future, isn't that nice?

Disregard the regulations

Haven't been able to log on MSN these days but hope your leg thing got better Rad. I've learnt all my hiragana now, ain't I awesome!?

I don't even know what to say, I just wanted to say something here, so here's whatever.
I'm going to have around 8 hours worth of travel time to and from Barcelona this next weekend, is there any particularly fucking awesome manga I should be taking on my Ebook to read on the way?

Prongs | 11-20-11, 12:27 AM
@ToxxicTeardrop - YO!

*took me like 16 days to check here*

JustRad | 11-15-11, 2:35 PM
Do what you feel is best dear.

ToxxicTeardrop | 11-15-11, 1:21 PM
I guess. Well it doesnt have to be done.

JustRad | 11-15-11, 1:06 PM
Would be fine, though I guess I don't see what's wrong with the 5 or 6 ones we have already XD

ToxxicTeardrop | 11-15-11, 9:01 AM
How does everyone feel about me creating a new club, not for a fans of a character, not for fans of a show, not for fans of a person, just a normal place anyone can conversate with each other in, and make it live once again. Even invite new ones to spice it up lol.

ToxxicTeardrop | 11-15-11, 8:58 AM
Aw, but that kills the experience.

Nichijou is quite wonderfully entertaining.

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