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Stay away from ma daughter!
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Sajaho | 02-27-12, 9:26 PM
gun= remington 870
Sajaho | 05-25-11, 8:15 AM
2004, wow tis one is old
KyuuAL | 11-03-10, 7:05 AM
Riko just described Texans XD
Ryoko24 | 09-28-10, 2:05 PM
ay that guy is ready to shoot someone but then when u said "stay away from my daughter" it looks like the gun is his daughter... xD
Chibi_Louise | 06-29-10, 1:31 PM
date!? T^T
Xx_angel-chan_xX | 05-10-10, 7:06 AM
O.O pappa kyuu put tht gun down hes mii date *hides boy from pappa kyuu*
Chibi_Louise | 05-03-10, 9:19 PM
its my room. :P
chie_oink | 02-01-10, 3:49 AM
hahaha what a messy room... hahaha
Zero_Alastor | 01-25-10, 10:18 PM
that takes me back, a few dad's pulled out those shotguns on me
-Fuko- | 01-18-10, 11:59 AM
Hey I saw something like that at otukon!(a huge anime convention in Baltimore) but I didn't get it because I wasn't watching that anime at the time...
JP_rNr | 11-06-09, 11:46 PM
cool room....

kiyomigirl | 11-04-09, 11:23 PM
i see pills in the background XD
Beowulf- | 11-02-09, 10:44 AM
O_O scary
KyuuAL | 10-21-09, 4:06 PM
Too bad the room ain't mine :p
Kupopopo | 10-19-09, 5:13 AM
Cool room =P
KyuuAL | 10-15-09, 9:04 PM
I WISH that I took that picture... which would imply that I have such a plushie... but no... I don't... :(
Prongs | 10-13-09, 4:35 PM
Kyuu, I wonder if you took that picture. xD
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